Apple, the oldest fruit of humanity, the fruit of life

Apple, The Oldest Fruit Of Humanity, The Fruit Of Life

Apple, the oldest fruit of humanity, the fruit of life

History of apple fruits (fruit of life): center of diversity of Malus genus in Eastern Turkey. The apple tree is perhaps the oldest tree planted, and its fruits have been selectively modified over thousands of years. The discovery of small apples in Kazakhstan is attributed to Alexander in 328 BC. The apples he brought back to Macedonia may be the ancestor of short underground stems. Winter apples, harvested in late autumn and stored at high freezing temperatures. Have been an important food in Asia and Europe for thousands of years.

In Iran, there is a wild species of this tree in the northern forests. Apple fruit has a sour and sweet type, but generally its fruit is sweet and meaty. The origin of this fruit tree is Central Asia. Which after thousands of years of cultivation, spread in Asia. Then in Europe and was later taken to the Americas by European immigrants.

Apples have religious and mythological significance in some cultures and religions, including the cultures of Scandinavians, Greeks and ancient European Christians. Also they call it fruit of life


About of fruit of life :

The apple tree, scientifically named  Malus domestica , is grown in most parts of the world and can be said to be found in all parts of the world. There are different types of apple fruit (which we sometimes call tree apple), the wild type is small and the cultivated one is large.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture, the production of Iranian apple trees is more than about 3,000,000 tons. The main centers of Iranian apple production are the provinces of West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan, Tehran, Fars, Isfahan, Khorasan Razavi, Hamedan and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari

The harvest season of red and yellow apples in Iran starts in October and usually lasts until December of the same year.

Good apple specifications:

Apple fruit should have a smooth, light skin with a clear color and should also be firm and without blemishes. Keep in mind that an apple that weighs more than its size will have a higher quality. Apple aroma is also used as one of the important parameters in determining the quality of apples, which, of course, requires sufficient experience in different species.

Another important parameter in determining the quality of an apple is the proper time to pick it. As the number of tailless apples in the package increases, it indicates that the apples are picked late, which can reduce the storage time of the apples.

 Tree fruit of life Classification “Apple” (Ascendant / Ascendant):

Apple, fruit climacteric or climacteric (Climacteric) is. Ascending or climacteric fruits, after harvesting and picking from the mother tree or plant, can continue the ripening process, so there is no need to leave them on the tree or plant to complete the life cycle.

Due to the ultra-oriented fruit of the apple tree, it is usually harvested in stages when the fruit is fully grown but not yet fully ripe, to withstand the conditions of transportation and storage. The ethylene production of apple trees at the time of ripening is very high and its sensitivity to ethylene gas is high.

How to know the types of apple tree?

We identify different types of apples mainly by skin color, size, taste and hardness.

Common apple in Iran country:
Golden delicious apple:

Name: Lebanese Yellow Apple Seedlings Latin Name: Golden Delicious General Description: Golden Delicious Apple Seedlings or Lebanese Yellow Apple is a relatively tall tree that grows widely. We harvest them in late September and early October, and the fruits are yellow in quality. Golden Delicious is one of the marketable and commercial figures.

Apple cider

Name: Lebanese Red Apple Seedlings / Red Delicious Apple Seedlings Latin Name: Red Delicious General Information: Red Delicious Apple Seedlings or Lebanese Red Apple, grows widely and is very productive. The fruit of this tree is red and its size is often medium. Red Delicious is the most important commercial cultivar in the world and is located in Iran after Golden Delicious and the reason is the lack of sufficient facilities to store this fruit. This tree tends to be annual and pruning is essential. Suitable for summer areas with long summers, cool nights, clear skies without dust and clouds and fog on arrival.

Rose apple

General characteristics: Kohanz rose apple or Khorasan rose apple is one of the apple cultivars that is grown in Iran and its ripening time is early summer. Flowering time is May 7-25 and in a period of 14 days.

Apple Gala:

Gala apples with heart-shaped apple; thin yellow or red skin; they have prominent pink to red stripes that depend on the maturity of the apple in terms of color. Their flesh is creamy and crispy yellow and offers a mild aroma. When the fruit ripens well on the tree, it has a deeper red color and a slightly sweeter taste than its yellow varieties. This summer fruit has been available in the market since mid-summe. Eaten raw, cooked or used in sauces.

Granny Smith apples:

Lemon green apple with a crisp and juicy texture that has a sour and spicy taste. Granny Smith is suitable for raw consumption and use in apple pie.

Sour green apples with their unique taste and aroma have their own lovers and are more resistant to spoilage than other types of apples. They can buy green apples in the Iranian market at good and reasonable prices.

We grow all kinds of crops due to the fertile soil and the unique climate in our country, including green apples.

We are cultivate Green apples in the mountainous parts of our country, including Maragheh, Urmia, Ardabil, Damavand and more.

Green apples: We can export and sent to foreign markets in marketable packages. We grow it in Iran in large quantities and high quality. It is to the extent that the country has become self-sufficient in apple production.

The export of surplus apples to foreign countries every year contributes to the country’s weak economy.

  Lady Pink (Pink Lady):

Pink Lady Apple is native to Australia. Its color is pale pink and red; It tastes sour-sweet and crunchy like a yellow apple and suitable for raw and cooked consumption. This type of apple is sensitive to cold weather and grows best in hot weather. This apple blooms in mid-March and early April.

Apple in other country:

Apple Macintosh (McIntosh): We eat this type of bright red apple raw and cooked in sauce. It tastes sour and sweet but is not suitable for cooked consumption.

Rome Apples: Slightly sweet and juicy apple with a light red skin that tastes better when roasted or cooked. Fragrant and has a sweet taste. We eat this apple is raw, or we cooked or used in sauces.

Winesap Apples: Purple-red apple with a spicy taste, which is excellent for raw consumption and also for preparing apple cider vinegar.

Fuji Apple: Fuji apple: we divide it as a very crunchy and tender apple whose skin varies from bright red to greenish yellow with a red highlight and we eat it raw or cooked.

Braeburn Apples: Unique apple with thin skin and sour and sweet taste and slightly spicy. This apple is very good for raw consumption and is also suitable for cooking. Its color varies from red to greenish gold.


Honeycrisp apples: As its name suggests, this apple has a crisp texture and sweet taste and can be used in any way.

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