Dubai gathers 2,500 companies and 110 chefs at Gulfood 2021

Dubai gathers 2,500 companies and 110 chefs at Gulfood 2021

Dubai gathers 2,500 companies and 110 chefs at Gulfood 2021

Gulfood 2021, the most competitive global supply platform, and the first direct event for the food and beverage sector to be held in nearly 12 months, returns for its 26th edition to bring together an elite of industry leaders around the world over five days of discussions, direct presentations and business partnerships at the Dubai World Trade Center from 21 To February 25.

The exhibition brings together 2,500 companies from 85 countries, and includes elite chefs, food and beverage industry leaders and experts, in addition to 110 of the most prominent international chefs and industry leaders in dialogues, shows and a live competition.

The new edition of the exhibition is receiving the attention of specialists from around the world. It provides an exceptional opportunity to revitalize ties, advance fruitful partnerships, and ensure that partners and visitors keep pace with all opportunities and trends emerging after the interruption of 2020 in the field of direct events. Gulfood 2021, based on its 34-year track record of enabling business deals and stimulating innovation in the sector, will return to 2021 showrooms, in accordance with the strict health and safety standards of the Dubai World Trade Center.

On the other hand, the Gulfood Innovation Summit will be held again between 22 and 24 February; To meet the industry’s aspirations with its pioneering content, with the participation of the world’s most influential chefs, food scientists, government officials and industry leaders. Over the course of its three days, the summit will host a group of prominent specialized delegates to discuss the future of the food sector and gastronomy, across a spectrum of diverse topics, including the role of governments in shaping the future of food, adapting to healthier and more sustainable lifestyles, marketing food and beverages, tourism and retail, and benefiting It is an emerging and future technological solutions in the field of food.

The launch of the “Gulfood Chefs Club” is the highlight of the second day of “Chefs Dialogues”, an innovative step in the global food and beverage sector, as 30 of the most prominent chefs in the UAE gather to create a customized menu directly, as part of the activities of the Gulfood exhibition. On the other hand, visitors to the exhibition will be transported to some of the best destinations in Dubai, with temporary outlets and affiliated with Zuma, Boca and Roberto restaurants, during the five days of the event.

Gulfood Innovation Awards

This year, the Gulfood Innovation Awards received 250 applications from 44 countries around the world, highlighting the level of innovation the sector is witnessing today. The annual awards celebrate the excellence of brands and products, and the entries will be evaluated by a committee of prominent sector leaders, provided that the winners in 10 categories will be announced during the exhibition activities, and they will be honored by introducing them and their achievements through the exhibition website.

Emirates coffee competition

The Emirates Coffee Preparation Competition is held annually to discover the champion of handcrafted coffee, and to promote handcrafted coffee preparation techniques and service excellence. Contestants will compete over the course of two rounds to prepare three individual drinks and present them to the jury consisting of elite experts. The rules and regulations of the competition are based on the judging criteria for international coffee events.


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