The first edition of Global Fruit Latam 2021 On March 24th

The first edition of Global Fruit Latam 2021 On March 24th

The first edition of Global Fruit Latam 2021 On March 24th

Global Fruit Latam 2021: Global Fruit Latam is the first international Business FAIR for Fresh Produce from Latin and the meeting point with fresh produce from Latin America.

Connect, do business and position your Company Globally!

America (Fruits and Vegetables) in virtual mode. Connect the supply of agricultural products in Latin America with the demand of the global market. Generate more and better business between Latin America and its commercial partners in the world. Promote good production practices, sustainability, social and environmental responsibility in the global market. Share news, ideas, trends and innovations related to the future of agrifood.

Global Fruit Latam Mexico 2021, The First International Business Fair for Fresh Products in Latin America.

On March 24th, 25th and 26th, 2021, the first edition will take place in Mexico (Online).

IYFV2021Fruits and vegetables have multiple health benefits. They can strengthen the immune system and help fight malnutrition in all its forms.

The agricultural sector in Latin America contributes approximately 4.8% of the region’s GDP. Latin America is the region with the greatest agricultural potential in the world and the largest food exporter.

Participating Countries

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru and Panama.


Guest Pavilions

Africa, Asia and Oceania, Europe and North America.

Participation Categories

Fresh products, Logistics, Technical systems and services.

Fresh Produce

Fresh fruits, Mushrooms, Fresh vegetables, Potatoes, Nuts, Fresh processed products, Herbs and spices, Organic products and Fair trade products.


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