The start of the second day of the Gulfood 2021 in Dubai

start of the second day of the Gulfood 2021 in Dubai

The start of the second day of the “Gulfood 2021” in Dubai

The “Gulfood 2021” continues at the Dubai World Trade Centre, the leading global supply platform and the first direct event held in the food and beverage sector for nearly a year, to reveal an abundance of valuable commercial opportunities with the participation of 2,500 of the most prominent brands in the food sector. Among them are 35 of the largest Iranian companies, and TOKBA Trading and Agricultural Development for Export the types of premium pistachios are participating to be among the most prominent leading brands in this field, to start its second day at the Dubai World Trade Centre at Gulfood 2021.

The exhibition aims to shed light on new innovations in the market, seize the rapid shifts in consumer behavior patterns, and revive the communication links between thousands of key players in the sector over a period of 5 days full of mega-purchases, pioneering dialogues, rich experiences and live cooking shows.

110 of the most prominent names in the food, beverage and business sector are participating in the exhibition, such as CEOs of the supply chain giants, CEOs of the most famous regional brands, the elite of chefs with Michelin stars, and the best experts in the culinary arts in the UAE, to share their in-depth analyzes and opinions on the landmarks. New to the sector around the world.

The Gulfood Innovation Summit and Chain of Marketing Community Speakers are also hosted by the brightest minds and makers of success in the food and beverage industry, to address pressing issues such as food security, supply chain and sustainable food, and focus on evolving consumer preferences.

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