Piarom date

This type of dates is due to the dry and maintainable long-term export variety and market-friendly. The source and origin of this cultivar is Haji Abad region of Hormozgan Province. The Piarom date are planted in the slopes of Zagros Mountains, Bandar Abbas, Kazerun, Darab, Haji Abad, Forg and Kerman.

Piarom date tree

The climate of Haji Abad is cooler than the rest of the high-temperature palm grains, resulting in a top quality Piarom date. But the time of fruiting and sowing of Piarom dates tree has prolonged. This type of date is a late fruit, from late September onwards, gradually losing some of its moisture. And it dries up, depending on the climate in the ready-to-harvest area, which lasts until early November.

Properties of Piarom date

These dates are high in sugar, protein and other minerals and are of high nutritional value. And since most of the sugar in it is fructose, it’s easily and quickly used in body metabolism. And it is very suitable as the sugar allowed by people with diabetes.

Appearance characteristics of Piarom date

  • Semi-dry texture.
  • Humidity and water content of palm dates below 15%.
  • The size and size of my date palm between three and five centimeters.
  • Long, oval appearance.
  • Dark brown color and approximate weight of about 11 to 9 grams.

Storage conditions for Piarom date

It is best to store these dates in cool and humid conditions

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