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Raisins are dried grapes and are produced from different types of grapes and in many regions of the world such as Iran; it is called “Keshish”. Raisins are chosen from grapes with high sugar with seeds or from Sultani grapes without seeds, and white grapes of various types from the best types of grapes suitable for making raisins, and they constitute 90% of the weight of raisins sugars.

The most famous types of raisins are golden raisins and green raisins, which are called Kashmiri raisins, Sultana raisins, black currants and red raisins. Varieties that are produced and exported in Iran are Sultana raisins, green raisins “Kashmiri” and golden raisins “Thompson”.

All are dried either by sunlight or by sulfur dioxide. Iran ranks tenth among the raisin-producing countries, and its most important city is the city of Malayer in Hamedan Province, western Iran.

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  • Packing weight : 4-6 kg
  • Net weight : 185000
  • Gross weight : 20000
  • Packing : Basket
  • Store Temp : -1 -0 °C

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