Egypt Tops List of Countries Exporting Oranges Despite Pandemic

Egypt Tops List of Countries Exporting Oranges Despite Pandemic

Top Countries Exporting Oranges: Egypt’s total exports of citrus “oranges” To know about orange Benefits read hear. have reached 1,401,523 million tons since the beginning of the export season until Nov. 4 despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Demand from all countries for Egyptian agricultural products has increased due to their high quality and specifications to importing countries. The export season for vegetables and fruits witnessed a noticeable increase in exports, amid tight measures on all exports. However, Egypt managed to increase exports of agricultural products to all world markets, including Japan recently.

Ahmed El-Attar, head of the Central Department of Agricultural Quarantine said that the increase in citrus exports is due to the high quality of the product, indicating that the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture have contributed to opening new markets for exporting vegetables and fruits since the start of the export season despite the coronavirus.

El-Attar pointed out that one of the tools for the success of Egypt’s export policy is the adoption of international standards for export quality and the application of traceability systems for export products during the stages of cultivation, production, packaging and export.

He added that the Department has a monitoring system based on a careful quarantine examination of agricultural exports in accordance. with the requirements of countries, which gives Egyptian citrus fruits a high reputation.

Meantime, heavy rains recorded a few days ago in Spain. Egypt’s biggest citrus competitor, have caused more than 62 million Euro in losses.

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