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How does Alexa work? How is the mechanism of improving websites and electronic marketing?

How does Alexa work?, mechanism of improving websites

How does Alexa work?

Alexa measures how a site performs in relation to all other sites on the web, as people usually love numbers, and are attached to them in all respects, and perhaps the simplest and most instinctive reasons for this are; He is obsessed with comparing similar things, and therefore; Websites are no exception to this at all, and one of the most popular metrics that provide this type of comparisons, ratings and rankings, is the famous Alexa rating.

Alexa History

Founded in 1996, Alexa is a California-based affiliate of the Amazon Group (acquired by Amazon in 1999), and specializes in providing aggregate commercial traffic data via various toolbars and web browser extensions.

Some of Alexa’s most notable past activities included providing a database that served as the basis for the creation of the Wayback Machine, and the creation of several search facilities (which have now largely been discontinued).

Today, despite all of the above, the most popular service is, of course, the Alexa Rank; It is a metric that ranks websites according to their popularity, and in a more precise sense, it measures the performance of a website over the past three months.

Classification concept and mechanism of action

The Alexa Analytics platform audits website traffic, and makes the results of that process publicly available.

Alexa Traffic Labels use a simple algorithm to record the amount of traffic of users who have installed and installed Alexa Toolbar.

According to its website, Alexa has stored data about browsing behavior for more than 300 million internet pages.

When calculating traffic, several variables and factors such as page views and reach are taken into account.

Reach refers to the number of users who visit a specific website in one day, and as the name suggests, page view is the number of times users view a particular page, and here, keep in mind that a user who visits the same website multiple times per day is counted for once one only.

To start taking advantage of the experience and joining the unique Alexa visitor group, all you have to do is install the Alexa add-on on your browser, and in turn it will show you all available details about every website you visit through the same browser, and at the same time it will send your traffic data to a central server, as Your IP address is recorded, along with the URL of the website you visited.

The analysis and action algorithm corrects many potential biases, and attempts to compensate for visitors who may not fall under Alexa’s dashboard (a factor it hasn’t always attempted to understand), and then normalizes the data based on the visitors’ geographic location.

How does Alexa work?

View a site’s ranking on Alexa

Actually; This is the easy part of the process, just follow the following:

Time required: one minute.

View a site’s ranking on Alexa

Go to the site

Go to Alexa’s Official Site> Tools> Website Traffic Statistics

Or directly from the link :

Type in the website address

Or what is sometimes known as the full domain.

Press Enter, or the Run Analysis button.

Get results and browse other prominent features

You will get the rank of site in comparison to others. Scrolling down the results page reveals an infinite number of other interesting metrics, such as the activity rate, the daily views per visitor, the daily time on the site, the percentage of visits from the search network, as well as the various demographics, with a list of linked sites. Even site speed, or page load time.

Potential for manipulation and fraud

According to Search Engine, it is possible to manipulate a site’s Alexa ranking by creating a JavaScript function to duplicate through a set of page titles from the website.

The trick is to have each title open in a separate window, and then restart the job from the beginning once it reaches the end.

This is how some people manipulate the ranking without generating more actual traffic.

Important points

Alexa takes into account the data received from its toolbar users, so the results may be somewhat relative; The toolbar is not installed for everyone, which explains why there are millions of websites that may not be ranked well, despite the availability of a large number of visits.

The Alexa site does not separately arrange the domains and subpages within the main site address, as traffic is only counted for the top-level domain, which may lead to a bit of inaccuracy.

In short; Alexa rankings have their advantages and disadvantages, but nonetheless they are an important incentive in terms of performance and measures based on the principle of competitiveness.

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