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Discover the Excellence of Iranian Pistachios

When it comes to premium quality pistachios, no name shines brighter than Iranian pistachios. Renowned for their distinctive flavour, exceptional size, and outstanding nutritional value, these pistachios have captured the hearts of nut enthusiasts worldwide. Let’s delve into what makes Iranian pistachios truly exceptional.

pistachio iran

pistachio nuts from iran

Iran has a long history of cultivating pistachio trees, with records dating back thousands of years. The unique climate and soil conditions in regions such as Kerman, Rafsanjan, and Damghan provide the perfect environment for these nuts to flourish. Iranian pistachios are the product of generations of expertise, passed down through traditional farming practices that blend seamlessly with modern cultivation methods.

The taste of exported Iranian pistachios

One bite of Iranian pistachio reveals a world of flavour that is unlike any other. The nuts are known for their rich, buttery taste with a hint of natural sweetness. This flavour profile is the result of the arid climate and careful harvesting techniques that ensure optimal ripeness. Whether enjoyed on their own as a satisfying snack or incorporated into culinary creations, Iranian pistachios add a depth of flavour that elevates every bite.

temperatures, which is made possible by their higher unsaturated fat content. High temperature roasting eliminates any bacterial contamination that may be present in raw product.

Iranian pistachio size

One of the distinguishing features of Iranian pistachios is their impressive size. They tend to be larger than many other varieties, making them a visual and textural delight. Their substantial size also makes them a favoured choice for garnishing desserts, adding a touch of elegance to pastries, ice creams, and confections.


Iranian pistachios in cooking

The use of Iranian pistachios goes far beyond snacks. Their unique flavor and texture make them a versatile ingredient in sweet and savory dishes. From adding crunchy toppings to salads and roasted vegetables to creating pistachio-crusted meat and chicken, the possibilities are endless. In the realm of desserts, they give elegance and depth to everything from cakes and tarts to ice cream and baklava.



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Types of Iranian pistachios for export

There are different types of Iranian pistachios, each of which has different characteristics. The most popular types are Kermani pistachio (also called Gard) and Akbari pistachio.


Fandoghi pistachio (Round)

Fandoghi pistachios (Round), also known as Round pistachios, are a variety of pistachio nuts that are grown in Iran. These nuts are characterized by their small to medium size and round shape. They are one of the most common types of pistachios produced in Iran and are popular for their unique flavor, nutritional value, and various culinary uses.


Kalleh Ghouchi pistachio (Jumbo or Long)

Kalleh Ghouchi pistachios, often referred to as Jumbo or Long pistachios, are a distinct variety of pistachio nuts that are cultivated in Iran. These pistachios are known for their large size, elongated shape, and unique flavor profile. They are popular for their impressive appearance and are often used in various culinary applications.


akbari pistachio

Ahmad Aghaei pistachio (Long, Ahmad Aghaei)

Ahmad Aghaei pistachios are a well-known variety of pistachio nuts grown in Iran. Named after a city in the Kerman Province of Iran, this pistachio variety is appreciated for its unique combination of size, flavor, and appearance. Ahmad Aghaei pistachios have gained popularity both domestically and internationally due to their quality and taste.



Akbari pistachio (Super Long)

Akbari pistachios are one of the largest and longest varieties. They have a distinct appearance with a narrow shape and pointed ends. They are prized for their size, unique appearance, and excellent flavor.


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