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Type Of Pistachio

The pistachio nuts, expressed numerically, show the number of 5 packs in 142 grams of pistachios. For this purpose weigh 142 grams of pistachios and count them and divide them by 5 , The resulting number shows pistachios. The pistachios’ anise indicates less coarseness of the pistachio seeds and therefore more expensive.

opistachio production


Opistachio Brand is an authentic brand specialized in TOKBA company about the production and export of the premium Iranian pistachio nuts by using modern machineries 

TOKBA company has gained a lot of experience in the field of export Iranian pistachio by using modern technologies in order to provide and export the best quality’s crops to different countries in the world. 

We are exporting to more than 10 countries such as Iraq, Lebanon, Russia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Canada …

6 major advantages of Iranian pistachios :

Iranian pistachios offer various advantages that set them apart. The main four commercial varieties provide the opportunity of choice for the customers.

Iranian pistachios have an unrivaled, world-famous taste.Iranian pistachios are roasted at higher temperatures, which is made possible by their higher unsaturated fat content. High temperature roasting eliminates any bacterial contamination that may be present in raw product.

Variety: There are many different cultivars of Iranian pistachios . The following four are available for international

trade: Fandoghi pistachio (40% of pistachio orchards). Kalleh-Gbouchi (20%), Akbari pistachio(5%) und Ahmad Aghaei opistachio (12%), with the last two on the rise. Each variety has its distinct and flavour and unique properties.

High Kernel to In-Shell Ratio: Iranian pistachios have a high kernel to in-shell ratio, which means that you are buying a higher amount of edible kernels relative to the total amount or pistachios.

Roastability: Due to their higher unsaturated fat content, Iranian pistachios can be roasted at 160 to 180°C. This brings out the unique flavour of the nut, while eliminating any bacteria from the end product. Lower roasting temperatures of around 120°C recommended by some suppliers will not load to the same result.

Taste: For quite a long time, consumers around the world have shown a preference for the taste of Iranian pistachios. All four commercial varieties of Iranian pistachios have a rich, unique and distinctive llavour.

Tradability: The large number of producers, buyers, exporters and importers of Iranian pistachios creates ideal conditions for a competitive market. As a result, fair trade opportunities present themselves to all involved.


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