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cherry is a small round and soft fruit with a small seed into it . its color is yellow pinkish and red tending in black .
cherry is a kind of fruits which is fully ripe at end of spring and beginning of summer .
Cherry fruit cultivation is widespread throughout Iran, and Turkey, the United States and Iran are the largest producers of cherries in the world.
Cherry fruit harvest time will be late in June, and it will last for 70 to 80 days .
Depending on the size or caliber, the cherries can be sorted and packaged manually or automatically. It can be packaged and exported in plastic baskets with different weights and in cartons inside Nano bags .



  • Size: >22 mm
  • Store Temp: 1 – 5 °C
  • Packing Type: Carton or Basket
  • Packing: Cartons of 10 kg net
  • Container: 1,800 cartons per container / 18 tons

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