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Zahedi Dates


Zahedi dates in some parts of the country are known as Ghasb. This type of palm is pale yellow in the Kharg stage and light brown in the brown phase and reddish-yellow in the brown stage. Dates in Iraq are major exporters Due to the high sugar content, these dates are suitable for producing alcohol and vinegar. This type is cultivated in Borazjan, Kazerun, Firuzabad, Bushehr, Jahrom, Lar, Ahvaz, Khorramshahr, Iraq and America. Zahedi palm kernel, oval, its brown color, average fruit’s adhesion to Kharg reach in early September, but fully ripened fruit is harvested in late September.

Properties of Zahedi date

  • High manganese in these dates calms the nerves
  • These dates have a lot of vitamins including vitamins C, B1, B2 and …
  • Zahedi dates contain extremely high minerals, including magnesium, iron, potassium, manganese, calcium, and so on.
  • Zahedi dates are high in fiber, which is why people with digestive problems should keep it in their food basket.

Zahedi Date Tree

Zahedi dates are of late dates dates. This figure begins to be harvested in late September and continues until late October.


  • Light brown or chocolate brown.
  • The shape of this fruit is oval and its end is quite thin and pointed
  • The ratio of Zahedi dates to kernel is 6.35.

Zahedi date storage conditions

It is best to keep these dates in a cool environment and away from moisture.


  • shape : Ovoid
  • color: Yellow to Light Brown
  • size: 4-3 cm
  • weight: 9-7 gr
  • Harvest Time: september
  • Storage Conditions: In a cool and dry place (below 15 °C)

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