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Yellow onion or brown onion, or as it is called in Iran, “Piyaz zard”, is one of the types of onions known as white onions and red onions as well.
Its peel is golden brown. Its taste is spicy and sharp compared to other types of onions, and its aroma is more powerful, which makes it more suitable for cooking.
It is usually planted between and harvested between spring and autumn, it can be stored for long periods and the best places for storage are dark and cool places away from moisture, and this is unknown and available in almost all seasons in all countries.
In Iran, it is cultivated in many regions, the most important of which are Ahwaz, Khorasan, Isfahan and East Azerbaijan. It is widely exported to neighboring countries.


  • Packing weight : 25 kg
  • Net weight : 185000
  • Gross weight : 20000
  • Packing : Bag
  • Store Temp : 0 – 2°C

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