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Tangerines refer to a subgroup of mandarins.
Most commonly, mandarins that are reddish-orange and brightly colored tend to be labeled as tangerines.
Tangerine’s tree is always green that grows to 4.5m. Its fruit is very sensible to cold weather because of loose skin, which is easy to remove. It has orange color tending in dark yellow. The taste is considered less sour, as well as, sweeter and stronger than orange.
Types of tangerines grown in the northern and southern regions of the country: Northern Tangerines: Anshu Tangerine
, Jaffa (Clementine), Local Tangerine, Tanjila, Younesi, Southern Tangerine, Kino, Tangerine, Port (Black), Clementine, Kara, Orlando, Tanjelo.


  • Size: 45 – 80 mm
  • Store Temp: 0 – 2 °C
  • Packing Type: Carton or Basket
  • Packing: Cartons of 5 – 8 kg net
  • Container: 2,300 – 3,700 cartons per container / 18.5 tons

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