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Pear is one of the most expensive fruits in the domestic and foreign markets.
Iranian pear is a green or yellow fruit, juicy and conical in shape that has a pleasant and aromatic taste. Pear plant is native to Western Asia and Eastern Europe, especially the northwestern regions of Iran and the Caucasus Mountains. Pear is the most important seeded fruit in the world and Iran after apple.
Pears are also called king fruits. This fruit has more than 30 species, most of which are cultivated in Europe. There are various types of wild pear species in the forests of Mazandaran and Gilan.
European pears grown in northern Iran have a sour and sweet taste


  • packing: 8 kg basket
  • Net weight: 18500
  • Gross weight: 20000
  • Paking Type : Basket
  • store temperature: 0c – 3c

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