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Grapes are one of the famous fruits since antiquity in the Middle East, and it has long been famous for its use in winemaking by the ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians, and is currently spread in most parts of the world, and is eaten for its delicious sweet taste and its great benefits on the body.

There are three varieties of grapes. There are red grapes, black grapes, and green grapes, with different sizes, small and large. Small grapes are usually used for the manufacture of raisins, and Iran is one of the largest companies that consume grapes in abundance for the manufacture of raisins and their export abroad.


  • Packing weight : 4-6 kg
  • Net weight : 185000
  • Gross weight : 20000
  • Packing : Basket
  • Store Temp : -1 -0 °C

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