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Aubergine, also known as eggplant or brinjal, is technically a fruit.
However, due to its taste and texture, it’s normally classed and eaten as a vegetable.
The original habitat of eggplant is the land of India.
Eggplant is a vegetable from the nightshade family (which also includes tomatoes, okra, and zucchini)
Eggplant has different cultivars and different shapes and colors such as Qalami eggplant (Japanese eggplant) and Pakutah eggplant (Italian eggplant) and more


  • Packing weight : 25 kg
  • Net weight : 185000
  • Gross weight : 20000
  • Packing : Bag
  • Store Temp : 2 – 4 °C

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