Origin Of Kiwifruit From The Country Of Almond Eyes to northern Iran

History of kiwi fruit from the country of almond eyes to northern Iran

Origin Of Kiwifruit From The Country Of Almond Eyes to northern Iran

History And Origin Of Kiwifruit:

Origin Of Kiwifruit: The kiwi plant is native to southern China and the national fruit of the People’s Republic of China. The plant was imported from China to New Zealand in the early 20th century and cultivated commercially there. The kiwifruit is egg-shaped, covered with brown, fluffy skin, and the flesh is pale green.

We got the name of this fruit from the name of a lovely little bird. Kiwi is the name of a bird native to New Zealand. This bird has a fluffy and brown body and is unable to fly. We consider this bird very important in New Zealand culture and literature. That its image is even printed on New Zealand stamps and is considered one of the symbols of this country. This name has gradually become popular since the sixties.

Origin Of Kiwifruit In Iran:

In 1347, a male and a female kiwi sapling were planted in Ramsar by the late Engineer Panahi. Who was educated in France and brought to Iran as a souvenir of this trip.
With the study of these two seedlings, which was carried out from March 1947 to December 1950. These two seedlings showed considerable resistance and the cold of 7 degrees below zero did not cause any damage to them. And the result of this study caused Preparation of seedlings, seeds Demand that five female and two male cultivars of kiwifruit enter Iran from France and Italy to be cultivated in susceptible areas of the country.

About kiwi

also we point out that when it comes to kiwi, the cities in the north of the country are undoubtedly attracting the most attention. Because the best kiwi is produced in it and has a good taste due to a suitable climate. Talesh is one of the important cities of Guilan province in the field of kiwi cultivation and supply .

Types of kiwis for export:

The activity of gardeners in the city of Talesh in the Kiwi Basin dates back to the last half century, and this period has given them a lot of experience. For this reason, we can see the production of various types of kiwi in it, which have a good role in meeting the needs of different cities in the country.

Some types of kiwi grown in Talesh:

  • Golden Kiwi
  • Kiwi Hayward
  • Red Kiwi

Hayward kiwi fruit is rich in nutrients (potassium, copper, iron and phosphorus) and vitamins (A, C and E). Kiwi Hayward is a good source of potassium. Potassium plays an important role in the health. Activity of the body’s cells by regulating body fluids and electrolytes, and helps control heart rate and blood pressure by acting on excess sodium in the body.


Golden Hayward kiwis are picked and bought by many people when they are sold in the market. Because it has a very good quality and can be used easily. One of the most sweet and high quality kiwi varieties is the golden kiwi. We always buy it in large quantities in the market.


We buy red kiwi, which is one of the types of kiwi widespread in the Iranian market. This product is popular with many people because of its beautiful color. Red kiwi, also known as blood kiwi, unlike other types of kiwi, has a beautiful and unique color. The amount of antioxidants in it is more than other species. This advantage has caused many people to choose it to buy. And try to buy it.

Specifications of good kiwi:

When buying this fruit, put a sample of it between your fingers and if you feel softness under your hands due to slight pressure, do not buy it. We store these fruits at room temperature and store them for several days.

When buying, do not pay attention to the size of the fruit. Because it does not affect the amount of nutrients in it. Do not assume that larger fruits have more nutrients and more nutritional value.

Kiwi temperature and storage conditions:

Storing kiwi fruit at 0 ° C, which is the best temperature for storing fruits, as kiwi can be stored for up to six months.

Kiwi is a fruit that continues to ripen and sweeten after harvest. The ripening of kiwi fruit will be accelerated in the presence of ethylene gas, so never place this fruit next to apples, pears, bananas and potatoes, because these fruits emit ethylene gas. If your kiwi is unripe and firm, just put a ripe apple or banana next to the kiwi and put them in a bowl and put it in the refrigerator to speed up the ripening process of this fruit .

Export price of kiwi :

Many factors can affect the quality level of kiwi products. If we want to ignore the explanation of how to grow, irrigate and fertilize these products, we can raise the issue of the right time to harvest kiwi. In fact, early harvest of this fruit can greatly reduce its quality and taste. For this reason, the authorities have tried to use different methods and warn about not harvesting kiwi products before the end of November and their full arrival.

Kiwi is one of the luxury and first-class fruits that its production and cultivation conditions are available in some countries, such as Iran.
Northern Iran is the cradle of production and sale of kiwi in different types.
The production of green Hayward kiwi has been common since ancient times, and its quality has increased day by day with the improvements that have been made to it.
But in the sale and export of kiwi, it is the price that plays a significant role.
We divide kiwis after harvesting into different classes and price each portion according to its type, quality, size and variety.

Despite being ranked fourth in world production. Iranian kiwi is ranked eighth in the world in terms of exports after Italy, New Zealand, Chile, Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands and France, while  Iranian kiwifruit is due to time differences. Harvesting with the Southern Hemisphere can be supplied in many European and Asian markets.

Properties of kiwi:

Kiwi is a rich source of vitamin C and has more vitamin C than oranges. The vitamin C in kiwi is 2 times that of oranges, 6 times that of sour lemons. And 8 times that of apples. Black beans also contain vitamin D. Kiwi also contains vitamin A and B vitamins. Kiwi is a very low calorie fruit. There are 47 calories in 100 grams of kiwi, which is equivalent to fruits such as apricots and tangerines in terms of calories. It has more potassium than bananas. Also high in magnesium, which reduces the risk of some cancers and heart disease. It also contains copper, iron and phosphorus.

Kiwi is a fruit that has high nutrients and a very low calorie content, so it can be considered a very useful fruit. One of the most important properties of kiwi is its anti-constipation properties due to its high fiber content. On the other hand, the abundance of vitamin C in kiwi, along with other minerals, has made kiwi one of the most nutritious fruits and rich in beneficial antioxidants for the body .

We must wash it well and eat it with the peel, if you are not allergic to this fruit or its skin, since this fruit contains most of the vitamin E in its peel.

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