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Make your summer mango !

Time to indulge in mangoes this summer for good health; Tokba trading shares why

Summer may be blamed for bringing along many seasonal issues, but the season is also loved for its fruits , one of which is mango ! Sweet and pulpy, mangoes can be enjoyed in numerous ways : as a chutney, jam, shake, smoothie, pickes and so much more.

most people believed mangoes are “fattening, high in calories” but Tokba trading said, “here are all the good reasons you should cool down your summer with mangoes”

Diabetes and overweight

Low in glycemic index, mango is not only safe for diabetics but highly recommended as it delivers sustained energy without spiking the blood sugar levels. It is fat-free, cholesterol-free and does not make you fat even if you eat it every day !

Mangos are rich in vitamin B6, and E , a mango a day will help regulate hormones and reduce PMS or premenstrual syndrome. , mango is called the ‘love fruit’ as it regulates sex hormones and boosts sex drive.

Digestion and skin problems

The prebiotic fibre it contains eases bowel movement and keeps the digestive tract clean. Vitamin A in mango makes it the skin’s best friend. It helps fight acne and is anti-ageing.

Blood pressure and thyroid

Being an excellent source of vitamin C, it works towards lowering the body’s blood pressure. The magnesium in mango converts the inactive .

Cholesterol and heart disease

The high levels of folic acid and polyphenols which are strong antioxidants, it protects against heart disease and cancer .

How to use mango during the day ?

Soak mangoes in water for 30 minutes before eating , Best time to eat : 11am – 5pm





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