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Romaine Lettuce


Roman lettuce is a type of lettuce, distinguished from most types of lettuce by its large leaves resistance to heat. It is believed that lettuce dates back to about 3000 thousand years BC to the ancient Egyptians, and Roman lettuce gets its name back to the Romans who introduced it to the rest of Europe.
In Iran, it is called “Kaho Romi” and the most important areas where lettuce is produced are Ahwaz, Dezful and Karaj province.
Iranian lettuce is exported to Russia, Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Oman and Azerbaijan, and the export season begins with the beginning of autumn.


  • Weight: >300 gm
  • Net weight : 145000
  • Gross weight : 20000
  • Store Temp: 0 – 5 °C
  • Packing Type: Plastic Basket/Carton
  • Packing: 5_6 kg
  • Container: 1,848 cartons per container / 9.5 tons

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