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Iran is the largest pomegranate-producing country, with a production of more than one million tons of pomegranate annually. Most of it is exported, and it is estimated that a kilo of it reaches 9 or 10 dollars, and most of its exports go to the Arab countries and neighboring countries, and the Iranian pomegranate reaches China as well.

Iranian Pomegranate: The heavier the weight of the pomegranate, the more it indicates its quality in terms of size. Its peel is shiny, and the best storage temperature is 6 degrees Celsius.


  • Size: >70 mm
  • Store Temp: 4 – 15 °C
  • Packing Type: Carton or Basket
  • Packing: Cartons of 3 – 6 kg net
  • Container: 3,000 – 6,000 cartons per container / 18 tons


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