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Red beet or red beet and it is called in Iran “Shagandar” and is grown in Iran in the province of West Azerbaijan in the northwestern part and needs to grow to the autumn rains, and the most importing countries for Iranian beet is Iraq and is also exported to Russia.

Beetroot contains a high percentage of betalains, which gives it its red color and is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants.

There are two types of sugar beet, which is white in color and used boiled or in pickles, and there is red beet known in Iran and includes different types and colors such as yellow beet, dark purple and pink beet.


  • packing weight (kg): 2-5
  • net weight: 18500
  • gross weight: 20000
  • packing: bag
  • store temperature: 0C – 2C

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