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Lactuca Sativa Is A Refreshing Choice During Hot Weather

History of lettuce (Lactuca sativa):

Lettuce is one of the oldest vegetables in the world Lettuce (Lactuca Sativa) is one of the most important plants of the genus Cichorioideae and the genus Lactuceae. Lettuce was mentioned in ancient Egypt in 2500 BC. Also, 550 BC, the kings of Persia used lettuce in their food.

about of lettuce:

Lettuce is an annual plant that has broad, long, green leaves and a slightly sweet taste.There are about 16 different types of lettuce currently grown in the United States throughout the year.

What season is lettuce ?

In general, salad vegetables are cold weather products and the best growing conditions are spring and early summer, before high temperatures and long days. In temperate climates, lettuce can be grown in spring and autumn and in cool climates in the summer months.

We divide lettuce into five different classes:
    1. Iceberg lettuce

      It has a round head like cabbage, and it has no special taste. Iran produces it under names like lettuce or lettuce salad.

    2. Romaine or Roman lettuce
      This group of lettuces is shaped and tall, which are native to Iran and grew more than 3,000 years ago in the Babylon region, have a relatively sweet taste and have edible stems, but in hot seasons due to The secretion of some hormones and their accumulation in the main stem of the plant become bitter
    3. Butterhead Lettuce
      This type of lettuce has a different appearance, has a large and firm head, is bitter in taste and is known in Europe as spotted lettuce. They are cultivated in cold regions and are produced in different colors.
    4. Baby Leaf Lettuce
      We call it baby leaf lettuce, this group of lettuce has small leaves, it has a large variety of leaves in appearance and is usually harvested in leaf form. Their colored cultivars are bitter-tasting and usually grow in all climates.
    5. Lettuce Salanova
      This lettuce, known as Dutch lettuce, is one of the most special and newest varieties of lettuce, has a variety of leaf shapes, has a mild taste. Because their growth rate varies at different temperatures. They also have a great reaction to the length of the day and the intensity of light.
Main Type of Lactuca Sativa :

There are two main types of lettuce:

1- Cultivated and domestic lettuce used in salads, of which Head Lettuce and Romano Lettuce or Persian lettuce are important types.

2- Wild lettuce or car

Do you know which form of lettuce is better: lettuce with round leaves or ordinary leaves? What vitamins does lettuce contain?
lettuce Iranian lettuce is better than round lettuce in terms of food. Round lettuce has little nutritional value because it has a lot of fiber that produces gas and bloating in the stomach.

The largest lettuce growers in the world:


United States




  • The first exporter of lettuce in the world is Spain and then the United States.
  • Western European and North American countries are the largest consumers of this product.
Properties of lettuce plant :

Lettuce is cold and moist according to ancient Iranian medicine.

1) Lettuce cleanses the blood

2) Lettuce is hematopoietic due to its iron.

3) It is anti-inflammatory

4) Lettuce is soothing and calming

5) Lettuce is good for weak nerves

6) Lettuce is laxative and diuretic

7) Eating lettuce is good for melancholy

8) Lettuce heals ulcers of the urinary tract and bladder

9) We can eat lettuce with parsley or vinegar to open the appetite

10) Lettuce has anticonvulsant effect

11) Relieves stomach pain

12) Lettuce strengthens sexual power

13) To relieve chest pain, cook lettuce and eat it

14) Breastfeeding women should eat cooked lettuce if they want more milk

15) Eliminates lymph node inflammation

Disadvantages of lettuce plant:

If you do not eat a lot of lettuce, then this plant is not harmful at all. Excessive eating of lettuce reduces sexual potency, forgetfulness, memory loss, visual impairment, and bloating. We can eliminate these side effects, by eating mint, celery and cumin.

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