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Celery Benefits, nutrition facts and Health, export


History and Celery Benefits: Due to the numerous properties of celery in many countries around the world, it wants to buy it, and this can be a great opportunity to export celery.

And it is one of the most amazing vegetables grown in Iran. This wonderful vegetable is such that it can be used raw or used in stews. Celery juice also has its own fans, and people who are looking to lose weight and get fit can achieve this by drinking celery juice.

The properties of celery are many, as celery is called the king of vegetables. The French have attributed an interesting proverb to celery, which says that if people knew the properties of celery, they would dedicate all their farms to planting it.
Among the thousands of properties of celery, it is possible to obtain a variety of internal and skin diseases. The benefits of celery leaves and water are known and used around the world for fitness and beauty.

Nutrition facts

It is a herbaceous plant, 20 to 60 cm tall, with branched stems. Its leaves are healing and thick and its flowers are small and white or greenish white. The part used by this vegetable is its different parts, especially its roots and leaves, from the Chetrian family and grows all over the world. Celery is rich in vitamin B6, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. Vitamins A and K, potassium, manganese and dietary fiber are other useful substances in celery.
Celery has saturated fat and very low cholesterol.

The shelf life of this plant is 7 weeks and at a temperature of 0 to 2 degrees Celsius

Celery packaging

packaging for export must be such that while maintaining the freshness of the product, it significantly increases the storage time of celery in its export packaging. This goal can be achieved by using nanotechnology in plastics used for packaging.

Export celery 

It is exported from October 23 to May 22

The largest exporter of celery in the world is first Spain, then the United States, Mexico, and so on. It is interesting to know that the name of Iran is also among the first 20 countries that export celery.

Export capacity 

Iraq and Russia have a saturated market for celery exports from Iran, and more than their capacity has been exported. Instead, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Oman, Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates have good potential.
Of course, Germany and Belarus can also be considered good export destinations.

Celery export potential

  • Malaysia, Oman and the UAE have the best destinations for celery exports from Iran, given the amount of export potential and ease of trade relations between the two countries .
  • Iran has the closest export relationship with Azerbaijan.
  • The Russian market has the highest demand for celery.

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