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Ecuadorian banana exporter aiming for double-digit growth in sales

The Ecuadorian banana exporter, Freskbana aims to maintain their double-digit growth in sales during 2023 following a challenging season for the industry last year. According to Gaetano Leone, managing director of Freskbana: “Our long-term vision to plan and the versatility to execute in the short-term have allowed us to continue with our growth despite the issues that we have experienced.”

Freskbana has offices in Guayaquil, Ecuador from where it coordinates their weekly harvest from the more than 2 000 hectares of associated banana plantations in Guayas and Los Rios provinces. “We market around 80 containers of bananas per week to 15 different markets in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Our main export markets are Northern Europe, Baltic states, and The Balkans. We want to keep growing this year in Asian and the Middle Eastern markets,” states Leone.

The issues he refers to were the Russian war in Ukraine. Both major markets for the country as well as strikes in Ecuador and colder weather that led to lower production. He says despite these challenges they are aiming high in 2023.

“At Freskbana we have a well-diversified portfolio, very strong relationships with importers and producers and a well-earned name with a good work ethic and commitment to our word. This has allowed us to have many options open to handle the different crises that arise and withstand the hard blows long enough until the situation normalizes, and we return to our regular business. Prudent money management to maintain a healthy cash flow that we can leverage during times of crisis has also been very helpful. In 2023 we expect to maintain double-digit growth in sales without neglecting the strengthening of the organizational structure that allows us to maintain consistency in the quality of the product and service.”


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