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Export And Make International Markets And Select It

International Markets And Select It

Export And International Markets:  Export means the transfer of goods or services from one country to another, which have been transferred through legal and customs channels between countries, in which case the seller of goods or services as the exporter and the buyer as goods introduce the importer.

In international trade, export refers to the sale of goods and services to International Markets outside the customs territory of the producing country

Exports in the Iranian market

According to the latest global reports, Iran is one of 46 reliable countries in international exports

In 2017, Iran had $ 53.3 billion in exports and $ 49.9 billion in imports, and its domestic trade balance was recorded at $ 3.84 billion. The most important and largest exports in Iran are related to crude oil exports, which amounted to 38.5 billion dollars.

We consider Iran agricultural exports via international clients.

Apples, pistachios, kiwis and saffron are among the highest international exports of agricultural products.

Impact of Corona virus on Iran’s exports

Unfortunately, with enter coronavirus in Iran, international exports of agriculture products have decreased by up to 50% and has increased the final price of the product by 40%.

We can export to neighboring countries, and many countries have imposed a number of restrictions on exports and imports.

Export status of agricultural products in Iran and the world

Today, the world attaches great importance to food security, and food security in every country has an internal sector where countries try to produce their food needs, and the other part is paying attention to the foreign sector so that countries can sell their food in the global market. .

According to grain and food production statistics, the United States, China. India and Russia are the largest producers of agricultural products in the world.

Agricultural conditions in Asia and Africa are quite different, and countries do not have enough water in these areas.  Their agricultural equipment is traditional. For this reason. Also European countries are among the first. Largest exports of agricultural products due to their lush greenery and large fields.

International export of Iranian agricultural products

International exports of agricultural products from Iran to Moscow are 3 times more than exports from Iran to Iraq, India and Afghanistan.

65% of Iran’s exports to Russia are agricultural products of Gilan city, which is done through Astara port.

International export of agricultural products in Tokba company

Tokba company is one of best exporters fruits, vegetables and nuts. Has gained a lot of experience in the field of agriculture production. By using modern technologies in order, to provide and export the best quality’s crops to different countries in the world.

Most of the export products of this company are apples, kiwis and pistachios.

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