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Export Of Iranian Pistachios:

Iranian Pistachios: In Recent Years And With The Children Of America The Export Of Thy Pistachio , Tight Competition Between Iran And America Over Trade Profits Has Taken America By Expanding The Fields Of Peanuts In California And To Help Iranians In America It Has Been Able To Increase Its Production To The Level Of Iran And Even More.

On Average, The Value Of Iran’s Pistachio Exports Is $ 1.2 Billion Per Year, Which Has Increased Or Decreased Due To Iran’s Cultivation Conditions And Sanctions. The Third Rival Of Iran And The United States In Recent Years Has Been Turkey, Although Pistachio Production In Turkey Is Very Small Against These Two Countries.

Producer pistachios in the world:

  1.  America
  2.  iran
  3.  Turkey 
  4.  China
  5.  Afghanistan
  6.  Greece 
  7.  Syria 
  8.  Italy 
  9.  Tunisia 
  10.  Spain

How to export pistachios (destination standard review)

Before we start the process of exporting pistachios. We must take into account the needs of the customer, which may differ according to the country of destination. The type of quality desired. Usually European Countries In This Difficult Case And Best Quality Pistachio Exports To These Countries Have To Be. In Contrast, the Least Developed Countries And In The Middle-Income Market Average Qualities More. After Selecting The Quality Type, The Export Pistachio Type Will Be Supplied With The Standards Mentioned By The Customer. Also in Accordance With The Standards Required By The Customs Of The Sending Country And The Receiving Country. Germany Is Very Strict With Aflatoxin Levels, So Only Pistachios With Very Low Levels Of Aflatoxin Toxin Enter The Country.

According To The Laws And Regulations Of The Target Country Regarding The Import Of Food. Especially The Standards For The Import Of Nuts And Food At The Destination Customs. Which Is Necessary In All EU Countries, To Obtain Food Safety Certificates And Compliance With Authorized Limits From Accredited Laboratories. And For Certain Special Food Or Medicine Cases, Approvals Should Be Obtained From The Food And Drug Administration Of The Country. During These Steps, It Is Necessary To Obtain Licenses And Approvals Before Sending The Goods Through Customs.

Obtaining Health Certification For The Export Of Pistachios And Their Products In Terms Of Aflatoxin Contamination Is A Somewhat Time-Consuming Process That Should Be Well Considered In The Schedule Of Pistachio Exports To Prevent Possible Losses.

Pistachio export method (required licenses)

Going Through The Above Steps Is One Of The Requirements For Pistachio Exports. After Preparing And Supplying Your Cargo, Suitable Packages Should Be Prepared For Its Transportation And All Company Information And Cargo Information Should Be Included On The Packages. Most of the time we export pistachios in large quantities, in which case you can see the information on the bag or on the label.

One Of The Easiest Ways To Go Through The Customs Process Is To Use The Customs Capacity Of The Place Of Supply Of Goods, Which You Can Use The Customs Of Kerman Province To Export Pistachios To Go Through The Declaration Process And Standards, And So On. The Process To Get The Necessary Permits, Customs And Standards Department Of The Exporters Subject To Approval By The Health Products And Amount Of Aflatoxin. Of Course, If The Export Of Pistachios Is In The Form Of Complete Packaging Of The Company And Has The Health Licenses Of The Packaging Company, They Do Not Need To Be Re-Approved And This Method Is For The Export Of Bulk Pistachios.

In Order To Get The Standard And Hygienic Approval, The Existing Load Is First Sampled And The Odor Is Referred To The Food And Standard Laboratory To Get The Plant Health Certificate.

  • We divide the most famous and important Iranian pistachio varieties, which also have an important place in export, into four types.
  • Which include:
  1. Akbari Pistachio
  2. Pistachio head ram
  3. Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei
  4.  Hazelnut Pistachio (Ouhadi)

Procurement and supply of first-class pistachios for export
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