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Garlic Health Benefits, Homeland And Export Importance

History of garlic

The main homeland of garlic is considered to be the region of Asia and the regions of Iran and Afghanistan. Ancient times, garlic was grown in China and Japan. In China, the plant is a member of the ordering plant and belongs to the so-called Al-Adawiya Reservoir. In ancient Egypt, garlic, along with other onion plants, was a staple food for workers working on the pyramids of Egypt and there are so many of Garlic Health Benefits .

Greek historian Herodotus Herodotus reports on the high consumption of garlic in Egypt. However, no paintings of this plant can be seen in the paintings of that time. Because, from the religious point of view, garlic was considered an impure plant. The Greeks and Romans planted garlic in special gardens and prepared cheap food from it and gave it to the poor.

The Roman soldiers ate a lot because they believed that garlic would give them courage or increase their courage. This idea is still valid in many societies, for example, the British feed their war roosters. We also know that garlic has an antiseptic effect and eliminates stomach worms.

Garlic Health Benefits

Garlic Health Benefits: Garlic is used to treat diarrhea, bronchitis and tuberculosis, and lowers blood pressure. In addition, garlic has strengthened the hair follicles and many have considered it to be effective in strengthening memory and slow mental healing. Of course, it is important to note that excessive eating is harmful and has serious side effects.

Plant description

It is a herbaceous plant with a stem 20 to 40 cm in height and even more. The bulb, which forms the swollen and underground part of the plant, is composed of 5 to 10 swollen pieces, enclosed in thin, delicate, grayish-white membranes. It has slender leaves and purulent white flowers, embossed with small red spots.

Garlic harvest

Garlic harvest time varies from late spring to mid-summer, depending on the date of planting.

Types of garlice:

If we want to divide garlic for export we can name it as follows :

1-fresh garlic

2- dried garlic

3-garlic powder

Garlic is one of most widely consumed in the world and is the second most widely used condiment in the world after pepper . These three shapes can be presented in two colors of white garlic and red garlic in different sizes and qualities according to your order .

Target market for Iranian exports:





Iraq and…

Iran is the 13th largest producer of garlic in the world.

Iran exports about 3,000 tons of garlic annually.

One of the best cities for garlic cultivation in Iran is cities

Tarom (Zanjan Province)


Gilan and Mazandaran provinces


Fars province

Razavi Khorasan Province

Nutritional value and economic importance

About 50 to 60 percent of the ingredients in garlic are water, and more dry than other vegetables. Garlic contains about 30 percent carbohydrates, about 10 percent fat, and about 7 percent protein. We call the organic substance lysine that gives this plant its special flavor and is made up of a group of organic compounds called garlic. Garlic is effective in regulating blood circulation due to its presence of iodine and silica salts, and due to its antibiotic properties for treating diseases.

How much and how to eat garlic?

We can eat garlic in all its forms, but the most effective and best of all is to eat it fresh, because by doing so we can get the largest organic amount of garlic. Fresh garlic is a powerful opponent that can deal with all kinds of infections and digestive problems and full of pus and abscesses (abscesses). Usually, people pour raw garlic into food and cook it, and sometimes fry it with oil. Some people use pills, capsules and powder.

People usually ask themselves: Is it better to eat raw and fresh garlic or to cook it? Many old and new physicians have discussed this issue. According to scientific data, two factors, namely heat and time, destroy organic matter.

When we crush garlic and cook it with food, it stimulates blood circulation because it contains many carbohydrates, sugars, fibers, proteins, fats, thiamine and others.

People with stomach upset should eat garlic with food, milk, soup and soup or syrup.

This prevents the sharp stomach from upsetting the stomach.

 The amount of garlic consumed:

If we want to use garlic for prevention, especially for the prevention of heart disease, we should include at least 2 to 3 grams of garlic in our diet daily. Of course, most experts recommend eating the same amount of garlic in two meals to have a greater effect on the body and circulatory system, for example, if you can eat half a clove of garlic in the morning or noon and the other half at night with food, it is more effective .

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