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Iranian citrus season starts with tangerines

The citrus season begins in Iran with the harvest of tangerines. Amirhossein Azizi, from exporter Bezhit, unveils the season’s novelties.

Amirhossein said, “Iranian tangerines are already harvested and available on the market.  Persian Oranges will come in two months. The quality this year is excellent, with good sizes and a nice taste. It’s important to know that the taste of Iranian citrus is very different from that of Egypt or Spain, our citrus has a better BRIX and a different taste.”

“There is currently demand for Iranian tangerines from Russia, Armenia, Central Asian countries, and Iraq” adds the exporter. Sizes between 200 and 500 grams are in high demand from most Asian customers, while the Iraqi market and other neighboring countries are interested in sizes under 200 g. We have new demand this year since we’ve put a lot of effort into introducing new markets, particularly in Europe, and we’re pleased to see our efforts rewarded. Now, we’re making sure to get more suitable shipping prices.”

It’s still difficult for Iranian citrus to reach Europe, concedes Amirhossein. “Despite very high-quality production, small volumes of Iranian citrus reach Europe. Few exporters can ship to Europe, as it is difficult to obtain the necessary certifications due to economic sanctions on Iran. Obtaining certification is very costly and time-consuming.”

good news :

Iranian citrus prices will therefore remain stable, with the season starting at the same prices as the previous season, according to the exporter. 


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