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Iranian Cucumber Is One Of The Organic Fruits For Export

History of cucumber fruit and Iranian Cucumber: 

History of cucumber fruit and Iranian Cucumber: Researchers believe that the origin of the cucumber plant is India. Which today has one of the largest genetic resources of the cucumber plant.

Cultivation in France:

The French began farming in their countries in the ninth century AD. In England in the fourteenth century AD. The Romans transferred it to these regions.

The Spaniards moved each other to parts of the African continent. In the United States, cultivation dates back to the mid-sixteenth century.  France, cucumber production dates back to the ninth century AD. In England, its reproduction became common in the 14th century AD. Cucumber spread in the United States in the late sixteenth century.

Cucumber in the Roman Empire:

According to Pliny’s manuscripts, the Roman emperor Tiberius used cucumber as a fruit on his table during the summer and winter. Due to the Roman emperor’s great interest in this vegetable. It was grown in all seasons and in the greenhouse. The ancient Romans used cucumber leaves to treat scorpion stings, increase vision, and repel mice. In the 16th century, American farmers used and exchanged information with Spanish farmers to produce and propagate a variety of plants grown in Europe, including cucumbers. In the 17th century, there were movements in the United States against the consumption of uncooked fruits and vegetable. People believed that uncooked vegetables and fruits should not be consumed.

Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is a genus of squash that has different varieties. The fruit is large, green or white. Its plant is like a melon plant.

To export cucumbers, the production sector needs to provide ideal conditions for a good growing environment. We can feel this very well at harvest time.

Because when the environment, temperature and soil are at the highest standards for cucumber cultivation. It affects not only the appearance of this fruit. Also its taste, and as you know, this is one of the factors of an export cucumber.

About of Cucumbers in Iran:

The high production capacity of summer vegetables. in Iran has made it the third largest cucumber producer in the world.
The main product of greenhouses in Iran is greenhouse cucumber, which has a good market for export.

  • China produces the largest amount of cucumbers in the world, followed by Turkey, Russia, Iran and the United States.
  • Russia’s target cucumber markets include Russia and neighboring Arab countries
Cucumbers forms.:
  1. Greenhouse cucumbers
  2. Chamber or cutting cucumber
  3. sour cucumbers

Most of the time we eat it raw.

Benefits of cucumbers :

Cucumbers contain carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, and more.

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