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Iranian potatoes, Amazing Facts And Everything About Potatoes

History of potato And Iranian potatoes:

History of potato And Iranian potatoes: the origins of all the potatoes that exist today can be traced back to a single plant that was cultivated in Peru over 7,000 years ago. In the 16th century, the rulers of Spain and England, due to food shortages as well as population growth, sent trained sailors to the Americas by ship to find a new source of food.

After arriving in Peru in 1524, a sailor named Francisco Pisa learned that potatoes were grown in the land . Around 1570, potatoes were transported from South America to Peru by Spanish conquerors, and potato cultivation became common throughout Europe. In 1719, potatoes were transported from Europe to North America, as well as to Asia.

History Of Potatoes In Iran (Iranian potatoes):

Today, in a number of cities in Iran, potatoes are known as plum malkum . This is because Sarjan Malkam , the British ambassador to Iran, gave some potato seeds to the Qajar king in the middle of the reign of Fath Ali Shah Qajar. For this reason, it was originally called “Malkum plum”.

Potato seeds were first planted in the village of Pashand around Tehran or the present-day Alborz province, which is why Pashandi potatoes are still popular in Iran. Then it was cultivated in Fereydoun of Isfahan and also little by little in Zanjan, Khorasan and Fars. Eventually it spread to other cities in Iran.

As we know today, potatoes are one of the most important agricultural products. Potatoes are also the basis of nutrition of many people in Iran and the world.

Potato :

We classify it as a kind of vegetable.

We called it (Batata), which the Spaniards changed to potato in the 16th century

Potato is an annual plant whose scientific name is solanum tuberosum.

Edible potatoes are actually tuber-like parts of the underground stem of the potato plant

There are about 4,000 types of potatoes, each with agricultural or culinary characteristics.

Types Of Potatoes:
1- Brown Skin Potato (Russet):

 This type of potato, as its name suggests, has brown skin and the color inside is white. The shape of this type of potato has an elongated shape and also its surface is rough and uneven. The amount of starch in brown skin potatoes is high and has less water than other types.

If we want to choose the best type of potato for frying as well as for cooking, the potato is brown.

2- Potato With Yellow Skin (yu con):

This type of potato, as in the previous case, as its name implies, has a yellow skin. Potatoes with yellow skin, the same type of potato tastes like butter. This type of potato is suitable if you are going to cook and prepare puree.

3- Sweet Potatoes ( Sweet ):

Unlike the previous two, which had a fixed color, the sweet potato is different and it is not the case. The kernels in sweet potatoes are yellow, white or orange. It is good to know that this potato, ie sweet potato, has a high value.

4 -Potatoes Finger (Finger):

We distinguish potatoes according to their shapes. We can refer to them as potatoes. They are potato fingers, which is that potato fingers are small and narrow.

5- Red Potato:

 This type of potato, like the first two cases in which we could guess the skin color of that type of potato, its skin color can be guessed from its name. As you may have guessed, red potatoes have red skin. The inside of this type of potato is also white. Note that red potatoes are suitable for boiling and steaming, as well as for grilling.

The Most Famous Dishes Made With Potatoes:

Putin in Canada, puffed potatoes and gratin in France, Rusty in Switzerland, Gnucci in Italy, Gamjajeon in South Korea, Hash Brown in the United States, Plum Gobi in India, Tortilla in Spain, Shepherd’s Pie in Spain, Hasselbeck in Sweden, Kari Masaman in Thailand, Kalkanun in Ireland, Chorillana in Chile and Batata Harra in Lebanon are some of the most famous dishes made with potatoes around the world.

Properties Of Potatoes :

Simple boiled potatoes, to which no other additives have been added yet, are not high in calories and because of the high fiber they contain, they reduce appetite and prevent overeating, which in turn leads to weight loss. And fitness will.

Boiled potatoes contain very useful vitamins and minerals that prevent the growth of intestinal bacteria in infants and children. The liver also protects them from chemical damage.

Bodybuilders who want to increase their muscle mass need a lot of carbohydrates. Although boiled potatoes are not fat, they can provide the protein and carbohydrates that bodybuilders need.

As mentioned earlier, potatoes are high in fiber, which in addition to helping digest food in the stomach, also helps prevent cancer.

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