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35 thousand tons of Tunisian dates were exported within three months

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35 thousand tons of Tunisian dates were exported within three months

Tunisian Dates / The General Director of the Joint Professional Association of Dates, Samir Ben Soliman, stated that Tunisia exported in a period of 3 months 35,135 tons of dates with revenues of 241 million dinars to 55 global markets during the period from October 01 2020 to January 07 2021

Against 38,167 tons, a value of 261 million dinars, during the same period last season.
Bin Sulaiman explained the slight decline in the sector’s exports by delaying the date of the start of the export of dates to the Moroccan market until December 01, 2020, instead of the date of October 15, 2020, when the first export operations started to all other destinations, due to the accumulation of remaining stocks of dates supplied from several countries that have experienced difficulties. To promote it.

The Libyan market has declined significantly during the current season, reaching 117 tons compared to 1,527 tons during the last season, as a result of the closure of the land borders with Libya due to the repercussions of the Corona pandemic and the preventive health measures that have been taken.

As for the varieties, the spokesman stated that biological dates have become popular in the global markets, so that the exports of this type of dates during the current season amounted to 3297 tons, with revenues of 27 million dinars compared to 2767 tons, a value of 22 million dinars during the last season.

It is noteworthy that the production of dates during the season 2020/2021 amounted to about 345 thousand tons, compared to 331 thousand tons during the season 2019/2020, achieving an increase of 44 percent.

Bin Sulaiman admitted that the sourness of dates during the current season has been affected by climate change, represented by the increase in temperatures during the months of September and October, which negatively affected the quality of dates and the manner of promotion in the internal and external market.

In the context of supporting the profitability of professionals and helping them to cope with the difficulties of the season resulting from the low quality of dates and the spread of the Corona virus, and our appreciation for their efforts to ensure the continued presence of Tunisian dates in global markets and to sweep new markets, the official said that the Ministry of Trade and Export Development has taken a package of measures to support dates exports for the season

The most prominent measures are related to enabling dates exported to Libya in refrigerated containers from a grant within the limits of 50 percent of the cost of international road transport and increasing the grant of maritime transport to the Asian market to 50 percent of the cost of transportation.

Tunisian dates in Europe

It was also decided to award dates as a maritime transport grant to the French market within a third of the transportation cost, while increasing the cost of maritime transport to Libya and sub-Saharan Africa to 70 percent of the transport cost.
As for the internal market, the Director General of the Joint Vocational Complex for Dates confirmed that work is underway to develop a program, in coordination with the Ministry of Trade, with all stakeholders to promote dates in the internal market at differential prices during the holy month of Ramadan.

It should be noted that since the preparation for the new season, officials and professionals have expected that there will be a season of production, export and transformation of some circumstantial difficulties characterized by the possibility of a second wave of Corona virus that will affect the export pattern.

Exporters, stockpiles and conversion and air-conditioning units (250 air-conditioning and export companies) expressed their concerns about the repercussions of the second wave of the Coronavirus in that period of this wave, which actually affected the price level at production.

For the purpose, a series of working sessions were held that brought together all relevant parties to prepare well for the season and specifically address the problem of declining purchases on the heads of palm trees in the wilaya of Tozeur, as it used to be that the purchases were from exporters since the months of June and July. Now, fear of the repercussions of the Corona virus made them reluctance to buy early.

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