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Agro Exports in Iran… Iran exported 6.89 million tons of agricultural and food products worth $6.54 billion during the first 10 months of last fiscal year (started March 2020).The above figures indicate a 21.22% and 40.05% rise in tonnage and value respectively compared with last year’s corresponding period, the Agriculture Ministry’s website reported.Fresh and dried pistachio topped the list of exports in terms of value, as the country exported $920 million worth of the crop during the period.Apple was the second biggest agricultural export in terms of value with $208.35 million, followed by fresh and dried pistachio kernel with $170.17 million, tomato paste with $154.72 million and watermelon with $145.96 million.

In terms of tonnage, potato topped the list with 678,100 tons, followed by watermelon with 656,340 tons, apple with 551,210 tons, onion with 335,670 tons and tomato with 302,550 tons.Agronomical products accounted for 4.348 million tons worth $2.47 billion of total exports, up 17.17% in terms of tonnage and down 39.92% in terms of value year-on-year. Horticultural exports stood at 1.878 million tons worth $3.02 billion, up 37.37% and 46.40% in tonnage and value respectively YOY.Exports of livestock and poultry products stood at 561,440 tons worth $801.95 million, up 15.35% in tonnage and down 30.89% in value YOY.The veterinary sector exported 657 tons of products worth $5.98 million, up 143.4% and 297.76% in tonnage and value respectively YOY.

The fisheries sector exported 88,150 tons worth $220.04 million, posting a decrease of 13.82% in volume and 8.11% rise in value respectively YOY.Exports from the forest and rangeland sector hit 13,900 tons worth $24.73 million, up 21.22% and 40.05% in tonnage and value respectively YOY.  Imports Down 27.9%Imports during the 10-month period stood at 19.811 million tons worth $8.72 billion, indicating a year-on-year 0.71% decline in volume and a 17.12% fall in value respectively.

Feed corn had the biggest share in total imports in terms of value with $2.145 billion, followed by semi- and whole-milled rice with $714.81 million, wheat with $619.7 million and soymeal with $578.52 million.In terms of tonnage, feed corn topped imports with 8.58 million tons, followed by wheat with 2.23 million tons, barley with 1.47 million tons and soymeal with 1.36 million tons.Agronomical products accounted for 18.83 million tons worth $7.03 billion of total imports, up 1.58% in tonnage and down 11% in value YOY.Horticultural products stood at 833,930 tons worth $991.18 million, down 23.5% and 17.9% in tonnage and value respectively YOY.

Imports of livestock and poultry products hit 84,480 tons worth $373.65 million, down 69.19% and 69.79% in tonnage and value respectively YOY.The veterinary sector imported 2,866 tons worth $233.34 million, up 151.28% in tonnage and 249.7% in value respectively YOY.Imports by the fisheries sector amounted to 16,930 tons worth $38.67 million, down 18.67% in tonnage and 32% in value respectively YOY.The forest and rangeland sector’s imports totaled 36,180 tons worth $46.49 million, up 65% in tonnage and 1.58% in value YOY.The export and import volumes indicate that Iran recorded an agrifood trade deficit of 12.92 million tons in volume and $2.17 billion in value during the first 10 months of last year. (ICE TEHERAN)


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