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Ailimpo proposes new use for organic lemon juice

Ailimpo proposes new use for organic lemon juice

Tokba-organic lemon juice…The organization makes case for organic lemon juice to be used instead of citric acid in manufacture of organic food.

Ailimpo has submitted a proposal to the European Union for the organic food industry to replace the use of citric acid (E-330) as a preservative in food additives with organic lemon juice.

The Spanish lemon and grapefruit interprofessional association claims juice offers a totally effective and natural alternative and is readily available to food manufacturers.

“We have requested the elimination of the authorisation of citric acid E-330 as a preservative in food additives because it is perfectly substitutable in the processes by organic lemon juice, the main component of which is natural citric acid, and whose production in Europe fully guarantees its availability,” Ailimpo said, adding that Spain is the EU’s biggest producer and processor of lemons.

Separately, Ailimpo has submitted a request allowing for the use of ethylene for degreening (allowing the fruit to achieve its characteristic skin colour once it has reached ripeness) in organic citrus. At present, it can only be used as part of a fruit fly prevention strategy.

It noted that unlike with other fruit and vegetables, the application of ethylene in citrus does not induce ripening but only changes the colour of the skin.

“Ailimpo has an important commitment to sustainability as is being made visible through the Welcome to the Lemon Age campaign,” the association said.

As an important part of Spain’s citrus industry, Ailimpo said it is actively involved in defending the interests of organic production of lemon and grapefruit.

It has therefore already presented its position to Freshfel, the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, the citrus Autonomous Communities, and the Councils of Organic Agriculture for their consideration when contributing to the drafting of new regulations.

Source: fruitnet

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