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Elite Agro introduces UAE-grown raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries

Elite Agro introduces UAE: Elite Agro (EAG), a prominent UAE producer and distributor of fresh produce, is expanding its range of locally-grown, high-demand crops by growing raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries for the first time at their Al Foah farm.Under Berry World’s license, EAG is now producing a range of premium berry varieties at their local farm in Al Ain, including “Diamond Jubilee” raspberries and “Midnight” blackberries. They are also introducing three premium strawberry varieties called “Florida Beauty”, “San Andrea”, and “Sensation”. The all-new berry range will be available in retail stores in the coming weeks under the newly-launched “Elite Berry” brand.

By introducing raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries to the UAE for the first time, EAG aims to exponentially reduce farm-to-shelf delivery times, making high quality produce that stays fresh for longer more accessible to their customers.

“As part of our commitment to deliver the freshest farm produce to our customers, we’re expanding our range of high-quality crops to include three new types of berries Fruits. We’re proud to be the UAE’s only producer of locally-grown blueberries, and we’re confident that this expansion will open even more opportunities to achieve greater success in sustainable farming, in line with the UAE’s food security strategy,” said Ian Summerfield, Elite Agro CEO.

The berry saplings were first planted in November 2021 at EAG’s Al Foah farm. Equipped with state-of-the-art automated and sustainable technologies and solutions, the farm’s raspberry production area is now 1.8 hectares with an average of 18,500 stems per hectare and is expected to yield 18 tons of raspberries per hectare. Meanwhile, the blackberry production area is 1.2 hectares with an average of 30,000 stems per hectare and is expected to yield 20 tons per hectare.

EAG’s family

In a country dominated by deserts, the berries are grown in temperature-controlled greenhouses with advanced micro irrigation through a drip system that combines specific levels of water with a unique combination of nutrients. Grown in a soilless medium that combines coco peat, perlite and other substances, each plant is nurtured by regular analysis and is naturally pollinated by EAG’s family of lovable and very helpful bumblebees to ensure optimum yields.

Additionally, the farm employs a two-hand touch approach – which means no one touches the berries after the picker and before the consumer – with only an efficient packing and delivery process in between. Using this method, Elite Agro ensures minimal damage and optimal hygiene in their berries.

Customers can buy “Elite Berry” Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, and Strawberries direct from leading retailers including Spinneys and Carrefour, or order them online at the award-winning fresh food delivery platform, They are also supplied to the market through EAG’s high-quality fresh produce commercial arm and distributor, Elite Global Fresh Trading.

Source: FreshPlaza

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