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Orange: The most famous citrus fruit, History and Health Benefits

Most famous citrus fruit

The most famous citrus fruit: Researchers believe that citrus is native to subtropical and tropical regions of Asia and originates in certain parts of Southeast Asia, including China, India and the Mali archipelago.

According to ancient manuscripts found among ancient Chinese documents, the first texts to mention citrus date back to the Ta Yu period, about 2200 years ago, when citrus fruits, especially tangerines and pomelo (Shadak) was of great value and was used only in the imperial court.

Some citrus species were transported to West Asia before Christ, such as Oman, Iran, and Palestine. Alexander the Great observed in 330 B.C. a type of citrus fruit called Balang in Iran. Oranges, sour lemons and Omani lemons were brought to Iran by the Arabs about 1,200 to 1,300 years ago.

Cultivation Orange in Iran

The orange tree was probably brought to Iran from Europe by the Portuguese in the 16th century, and for this reason it has been called an orange. Economic cultivation of citrus in Iran started 300 years ago in the north of the country and has gone to the south of the country.

Citrus was first introduced to the United States by Spanish and Portuguese tourists. Its groves were first seen in Florida in 1655 and in California in 1769, and since then its production, processing, and world trade have increased significantly. They won the first place among the most important fruits in the world.

About Orange

An orange is a type of citrus fruit which people often eat. Oranges are a very good source of vitamins, especially vitamin C. Orange juice is an important part of many people’s breakfast. Today we eat mostly sweet oranges, first grown in Asia but now growing in many parts of the world.

The color orange takes its name from the fruit. The word “orange” is unusual because it is one of only a few English words that does not rhyme with anything.

There are many different varieties of oranges. Can divide them into four categories, each of which has specific characteristics:

Common or round: There are numerous varieties of common oranges, including Valencia, Hamlin and Gardner. We use the majority of oranges in this category to produce juice.

Navel: Arguably the most common class of orange, this type actually grows a second fruit at the base which resembles a human belly button. Cara cara is a popular type of navel orange.

Blood or pigmented: With high concentrations of anthocyanin, a type of antioxidant pigment, blood oranges have a dark red flesh. The rind can sometimes possess darker red spots as well.

Acidless or sweet: This class of orange has very low levels of acid. We eat this orange mostly and do not use it to make juice, due to the low acid concentration.

Peak orange season varies based on the variety. However, most oranges are in their prime from November through March.

Benefits of eating oranges

1- High in Vitamin C

2- Healthy immune system

3- Prevents skin damage

4- Keeps blood pressure under check

5- Lowers cholesterol

6- Controls blood sugar level

7- Lowers the risk of cancer

8- Good eye health

9- Safeguards against constipation

10- Useful tip

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