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seedless watermelon turns 30

The product has revolutionised European watermelon market and become a mainstay in Anecoop’s summer line-up .

ouquet seedless watermelons played the starring role for Anecoop at last week’s Fruit Logistica trade fair in Berlin. The group help a special event to celebrate the product’s 30th anniversary and present the outlook and marketing campaign for the 2022 season .

Anecoop revolutionised watermelon consumption when it launched Bouquet – the first seedless watermelons on the market –  in 1992.

What had, up to then, been an almost exclusively domestically consumed product soon became a mainstay of summer shopping baskets thanks to planned production across different regions of Spain to extend the season and a wide-reaching market campaign.

Joan Mir, managing director of Anecoop, said the group had spent a total of €13.75m in promotional campaigns over the past three decades, making it the biggest investment ever by a single company in Spain’s fruit and vegetable sector in a single product.

Introducing this year’s promotional campaign, marketing manager Piedad Coscollá said it would highlight on Anecoop’s pioneering spirit as the first company to introduce seedless watermelons in Europe, and its acknowledgement of the important role of Spanish agriculture with its ‘Rations of life for the countryside’ campaign.

The €850,000 campaign will cover the Spanish, French Czech and UK markets, with different activities tailored to each one.

In Spain, the campaign will centre on TV advertising across mainstream and cooking channels, social media activities, aerial advertising over Spanish beaches and press advertising.

Anecoop will also continue its commitment to inclusive sport by sponsoring events such as the II Festival Bouquet of inclusive rugby. Consumers will also have the chance to win a stay in a ‘bubble’ hotel and recipe books.

In France, TV advertising will be accompanied by social media activities and point-of-sale promotions.

In the Czech Republic, the campaign will focus on sponsorship of sporting events and other outdoor events, such as concerts and festivals, a recipe book, and press and social media activities, as well as collaborations with NGOs in support of Ukraine, among other causes. Finally, Anecoop UK will promote a campaign focused on users of social networks, with information, challenges and other activities.

source :fruitnet

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