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Sweet Lime or Palestine Sweet Lime

Lemongrass is from the citrus family, also known as Palestine Sweet Lime

Palestine Sweet Lime: In many countries of the world, especially occupied Palestine, citrus is used as a basic base and from an economic point of view, it has no place in any of the famous countries such as America, Brazil, Spain, etc. But in Iran, especially in Khuzestan, Kermanshah, Kerman and Fars provinces. It is of great economic importance and has long been considered by the Iranian people as a medicinal fruit for colds due to the lack of citric acid in its fruit. Juicy, sweet fruit, without citric acid, with a completely smooth and thin skin, with a straw-like lemon color, with a limited number of seeds (3-4 pieces).

It is a type of citrus that is mainly found in India and Southeast Asia. The height of this small plant will sometimes reach even 7 cm. Small, green, oval fruit that turns yellow when ripe. It grows better in tropical and subtropical climates and begins to bear fruit when it is 5 to 7 years old. Most products and their load is between 10 to 20 years.

Lemon is sweet and a pleasant autumn and winter, of course, if you do not have a cold! One of the most delicious winter fruits that is always named for resistance and treatment of colds.

Harvesting of lemons begins in autumn, when the appearance of the fruit indicates its full ripening. The area in which this crop is also grown has an effect on the harvest time.

Sweet lemons can be stored at room temperature for up to 10 days and in the refrigerator for up to 30 days.


Wholesale sales of sweet lemons

Do you know in which region of Iran sweet lemons are produced? Buy and sell sweet lemons with wholesale prices and high quality.

In Iran, some areas are suitable for growing some agricultural products in terms of climate and climatic conditions. We grow lemongrass, a type of fruit in the citrus family, in the provinces of Hormozgan, Fars, and some northern Iran.

Has vitamin C properties. We introduce this rich winter fruit from Persian citrus groves.

The best example of sweet lemon

One of the best varieties of sweet lemons and the best of them is the fruit that is used in the gardens of Fars province. The cities supplying this product can be named Qirokarzin and Jahrom.

Qasr Shirin, Dezful, Jahrom and Jiroft areas are among the best sweet lemon growing areas in Iran.

Sweet lemon and orange:

Somewhat similar to sour lemons in appearance, but have a sweet taste close to oranges. Its juice is very popular in India and Pakistan and although it belongs to the citrus family, it is not acidic.

We use Sweet lemon juice more than the fruit itself due to its milder taste than oranges. In India, this fruit is available from August to September and December to April.

Widely used fruit full of benefits, with a smooth taste. This wonderful fruit has a lot of nutritional value. We can eat it in the form of drinks, jams, pickles, candies, snacks and syrups. Use it in salads in addition to flavoring meats.

Benefits of using sweet lemon for health, skin and hair

1.  Help improve gastrointestinal function

2.  Sweet lemon to help treat constipation

3.  Prevent scurvy

4.  Treat gastrointestinal ulcers with sweet lemon

5.  Respiratory problems

6.  Improve and strengthen the immune system

7.  Has anti-cancer properties

8.  Protect against rheumatoid arthritis

9.  Help lose weight

10. Sweet lime for the treatment of urinary disorders

11. Treat gout with sweet lemon

12. Help treat motion sickness

13. Sweet lemon to help treat sunburn and dehydration

14. Useful for pregnant women

15.  Good for the nervous system

16.  Treat jaundice

17.  Help treat tonsillitis

18. Useful sweet lemon for asthma patients

Using sweet lemon for hair

19.  Antiseptic and antibacterial properties

20. Strengthen hair

21.  Help treat itchy and dandruff

Benefits of using sweet lemon for skin

22. Sweet lemon juice is a gentle bleach and cleanser

23. Helps reduce the pain of insect bites and brightens dark areas of the skin

24. Detoxify the body

25. Brightens dark lips and softens cracked lips

26. Enhance the beauty and rejuvenation of the skin

27. Cure and eliminate pimples other benefits of using sweet lemon

Sweet lemon increases appetite, purifies the blood and increases the number of sperm, as well as cools the body and quenches thirst.

Tips for buying sweet lemons


When buying a sweet lemon, you should be careful that the fruit is healthy and does not have stains and dents. Skin of the fruit should not be firm. The heavier the weight in the hand, the better, and this indicates more water in the fruit. The consumer should wash the lemon first for contamination outside the inside of the fruit that is not contaminated. When cutting the fruit of a sharp knife to use up the vitamin c in it does not go away. Also, use sweet lemon juice after rapid dehydration, otherwise your juice will be deficient in vitamin C.

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