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What are the benefits of Honey Lemon Water?

What are the benefits of Honey Lemon Water?

To get rid of colds, protect the digestive system and strengthen the immune system, you should drink a Honey Lemon Water … Here are more of its benefits.

Each of honey and lemon has amazing benefits for maintaining health, and when you mix warm water with honey and lemon, you get a huge amount of nutrients that protect the body from exposure to various diseases.

As this drink helps flush out toxins from the body, as well as the multiple health benefits that we mention below.

Benefits of warm water with lemon and honey

Good for the digestive system:

Eating warm water with lemon and honey added to it helps regulate the work of the digestive system, as honey has the ability to reduce the acidity of the stomach and regulate the work of the colon.

It is worth noting that drinking this drink in the morning helps to get rid of gases and soften the intestine, which prevents constipation.

Weight loss:

Warm water with lemon and honey helps to feel full, thanks to the fibers, including pectin, which are found in lemons. Drinking this drink daily helps stimulate the metabolism process, and although honey contains a high percentage of sugars, studies have indicated that it has the ability to reduce excess weight.

It is recommended to drink warm water with lemon and honey for weight loss in the morning to get the desired results.

Reducing colds and coughs:

Warm water with lemon and honey helps reduce colds and coughs, as it helps reduce mucus and dehydration.

Also, honey has a strong role in treating a cough, according to what was mentioned by the World Health Organization, which is why it is recommended to drink this drink two to three times during the day to treat a cold.

Immunity booster:

Honey and lemon are both rich sources of powerful antioxidants that help strengthen the immune system, as well as reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks and prevent cancer.

Honey also has anti-bacterial properties, as a study at the Society For General Microbiology conference indicated that honey helps eliminate bacteria resistance to antibiotics, as well as it helps get rid of Clostridium bacteria that damage the digestive system and cause diarrhea.

Reducing cholesterol:

Drinking honey with water and lemon reduces bad cholesterol and high good cholesterol, which helps reduce triglycerides, which in turn protects against exposure to heart disease and high blood pressure.

Treating skin problems:

Drinking honey, lemon and warm water helps to get rid of skin problems, including acne, as lemon helps get rid of excess oils in the skin and get rid of dead skin, and honey contains anti-bacterial properties and it contains the most important vitamins that help maintain the freshness and vitality of the skin.


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