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Current date market and demand very good for Israeli exporter

The current date market and demand are both very good, noted Israeli exporter Avi Dugal from Agrifood Marketing, an Israeli dates exporter. He is also happy about a weaker Shekel that allows more returns to growers.

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“The current market, especially in our main market of Europe is very good with stable demand. Prices are normal with a fairly regular season on hand. For Israel we are expecting a harvest of around 57 000 tons, which will be higher than last year’s low volumes of 45 000 tons,” says Dugal.

Agrifood Marketing exports about 1 500 tons of Medjool dates and 100 tons of yellow Barhi dates. The prized Medjool dates harvest started one month later in October last year. A late start is not negative as it aids the quality of the dates while it hangs longer on the trees.

Israeli producers and exporters complained last year that the strong local currency, the Shekel, against the dollar and euro was hurting returns. This time around the Shekel is a bit weaker than the dollar and euro, aiding the much needed returns to growers says Dugal. “Because the Shekel is currently not that strong it is much better for us,” he noted.

He says they also have a bit of demand as the Muslim month of fasting is coming up. “While we have a little bit of demand ahead of Ramadan, our main customers are in Europe with sales focused around Christmas and New Year’s,” concludes Dugal.

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