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Table grapes campaign is about to start in Egypt

The table grape season is about to start in Egypt, amidst concerns about weather conditions, to which grapes are particularly vulnerable.

Fatimah Elzhraa Tarek Elhadary, export sales executive at Alsolimania, said: “We will have the varieties Superior Seedless and Flames Seedless available at the beginning of May. By the mid may, superior varieties will reach their best taste, as will flame be sweetest by June.”

The main challenge to the grape season is the inconsistent weather conditions, Fatimah Elzhraa adds, “Our climate is usually ideal for grapes, but now we are facing abrupt changes in temperatures, from too high and to too low in short periods of time, and prolonged heat waves, threatening to lower volumes.”

On the supply side, Fatimah Elzhraa explains, “Egypt has exported 17,000 tons of table grapes in 2021. Despite climate issues, many producers are increasing their acreage and the country is projected to be in the top 3 exporters soon, after USA and Peru. At Al Solimania, we have also increased our acreage of table grapes this season.”

She continues: “We have concluded an export program with a European supermarket chain. Thanks to this, we have doubled our volumes of table grapes, which are one of the main products that we export with citrus, potatoes and onions.”

In terms of demand, “Egyptian exporters of grapes deliver all over Asia, Africa and Europe, and the main destination is Russia with a great demand,” said Fatimah Elzhraa.

Regarding prices, Fatimah Elzhraa says: “I think that price range will be stable, similar to last year’s prices, with an expected increase at mid-season.”



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