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Nuts is king Of Snack, and its role in lifestyle and body health

Nuts is king Of Snack, and its role in lifestyle and body health


History of Nuts

Researchers have found that nuts were part of the diet as far back as 780,000 years ago. And ancient humans used these nuts as raw materials for cooking. With some of these nuts, they obtained oils and used them in their food.

About nuts

Nuts are a fruit with a hard skin and a kernel inside that can be eaten. The brain inside it can be used in different ways. In general, nuts are a very popular snack and fit perfectly into a healthy lifestyle. Because each type of kernel in nuts has a special vitamin that all of these kernels together can provide the vitamins needed by the human body.

A day called National Nut Day

October 22 was named National Nut Day. In order to encourage people to eat a healthy snack during the day. On this day, a conference is held in some countries which talks about the benefits of different nuts They also advise patients on different types of nuts according to the type of vitamin available, which nuts to consume during the day or not.

Nuts in Iran

Nuts have a high place in the traditional and ancient culture of Iran, Nuts are used in most Iranian ceremonies and cultures.

In Iran, nuts are divided into different types, which we know as salted nuts, sweet nuts and four nuts.

Cooking with nuts in Iran

There are foods in Iran whose raw materials are nuts. Pistachios and almonds are among the nuts that are used sliced in Iranian food. Especially in some religious ceremonies, Iranians have a food called (shole zard) which has a lot of pistachios and sliced almonds in it. They also have another food called (Fosanjan stew) which is a popular and nutritious food of Iranians and its main ingredient is walnuts ,  And there are many other foods that use different types of nuts, because nuts have many healing properties, Iranians use nuts in their food.

Healing properties of nuts

Eating nuts is very useful for maintaining heart health. For example, eating walnuts and almonds lowers blood cholesterol. Proper consumption of nuts can prevent blood clots and heart attacks. All types of nuts have a lot of fiber that lowers cholesterol and is very useful for those who are on a slimming diet because by eating nuts, the person does not feel hungry and also does not want to eat, and also the fiber in nuts in preventing Diabetes is very effective.

How much nuts can be consumed?

About 80% of nuts contain fat, and although fat is good for the body, But it still has a lot of calories, and consuming too much of it causes fat to accumulate in the body. So do not overeat nuts.

The Food and Drug Administration has announced the daily consumption of nuts at 42 grams per day.

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