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Payment, a thorn in the side of Iranian exporters

Iran has had a good harvest season this year, according to Mrs. Masumeh Najafi, an Iranian exporter of fresh produce: “We have had a high rainfall, and the weather conditions, in general, have been very good. You know that Iran is a four-season country, which favors good quality agricultural production.” 

The exporter provides a wide range of fruits,vegetables, and dates: “We export throughout the year, we do especially dates, and the flagship products of Iran such as dried fruits and apples, and we also export other fresh fruits and vegetables, such as oranges, lettuce, iceberg, watermelon, cauliflower, bell pepper, capsicum, rock melon, tomato, potato, and onion.” 

Two months before the month of Ramadan (the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, in which the consumption of dates increases sharply in Muslim countries), the company says it is targeting the Indian and Persian Gulf markets. “We have very good dates of the Mazafati variety, which are moist and honeyed, and Zahdi, which are drier, available in quality packaging and at very good prices. We are making commercial efforts at the price level to promote our products in the Indian market.”

The biggest challenge for Iranian exporters is the difficulty in receiving payments, says Ms. Najafi. “The sanctions have a direct impact on international trade in Iran. We cannot work with LCs. We use money transfer services like Saraf and other services, which makes our operations more expensive, more complex, and riskier for us.” 

Because of this, the company requires advance payments to its new clients: “Because of the impossibility of using LCs, we require advance payments received in Iran. In return, we offer good prices to our customers.

The company exports its products to the markets of Qatar, UAE, Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, and India. “Currently, we are intensifying our efforts to export dates to the Indian market, as we are in the Ramadan period. We also want to do business with customers in Africa, where Iranian products have great potential due to our superior quality and unbeatable prices.” 

“Our customers are satisfied and trust us. We invite them to come and see us in Shiraz, Iran, so that they can see with their own eyes the quality of our products, our packaging, and our way of doing business, and sign contracts.” 


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