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plum varieties

About Plums

The fruit is a single nucleus with many different species

It is eaten raw and used in food

Also in the form of jam, pickled lavashak and…

Plums contain vitamins A, K, C and…

Its largest producer is China.

Iran is also the seventh producer of this product.

 what season of the year are plums?

Plums and their nearby species are produced in different seasons, respectively, from mid-summer to early autumn, depending on the climate, and there are certain types.

Plums are usually divided into two categories

Japanese plums are usually round

European plums that are usually stretched.

They are also sold as fresh and dried plums.

Japanese plum

It includes red plums, black plums and yellow plums at the time of harvest in Iran from the beginning of summer to the beginning of autumn.

Black Japanese plum is very sweet.

European plums

The elongated shape has a sweet taste and dries well, which is also called sugar plum.

Green plums and gold drop plums also have a sweet taste.

Most plums in Iran are Japanese plums, but there are both, but round plums are mostly produced.

You may find that other European plums are sold as Italian plums, French plums and “fresh plums” because they are used to make dried fruit. This type of plum is often known as “sugar plum”.

Types of plums

 Black plum

they are bright red to dark purple in color and yellow in color. These plums are sweet. I like to use these plums, because when they ripen, they have more texture than other types of plums. When you cook black plums, the whole dish turns purple.

Green plums

Green plum is a common plum in France. As you may have guessed, this plum belongs to the group of European plums. Its skin is green and its flesh is yellowish green. Its aroma and taste are similar to the aroma and taste of honey.

Yellow plum

The inside and outside of this plum is yellow. These plums are juicy and have a soft texture. Its ripening is somewhat clear.

Plum gold drop

The plum is small and sweet, reddish in color, and is used in France to make edo. These plums are the sweetest plums

Red plums

Red plums are named because they have bright red skin. Some of them, such as Santa Rosa, have amber fruit and others have red fruits and bright red meat. The skin has a balance in its taste. This plum is very soft when handled. Therefore, it is not suitable for export . it can be used to make jams.

What is similar in all plums?

The plum tree is very fertile. Each branch is full of fruit and the fruits produce a lot of juice. Plum farmers harvest only once or twice a year.

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