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Important and Most Popular Pistachios in Iran

The most famous and important Iranian pistachio

Most Popular Pistachios: Harvesting of pistachio happens in the middle of September. Pistachio trees look very alike to almond trees, their female trees carry fruit after they have been fertilized through their male counterparts. The very first harvest of pistachio is then possible after seven years, and afterwards in a two-year-cycle. Around April pistachio trees are beginning to bloom. When the plant begins ripening, its pit is growing so fast, it will downright burst open its surrounding shell. Roast the pistachios with its peel and eat it salted. These tasty green pits are not only consumed as a snack, they can also be found in special types of sausages or on top of chocolate candy – as they are always a delicious addition.

The most famous and important Iranian pistachio cultivars, which also have an important place in export, are divided into four types that In this article, we explained the details of each:

Types of Most Popular Pistachios

1- Akbari pistachio

Akbari pistachio, also known as Abdullahi, is one of the most famous and important export pistachio cultivars in Iran. It has a large share of exports. The only major producer of this type of pistachio in Iran, which is mostly harvested in the cities of Rafsanjan, Neyriz, this type of pistachio is long and large. It is famous because it represents Akbari pistachio, which is why it is called Akbari pistachio. This type of economic point of view has the highest value in Iran. We chose and got to know this variety in the village of Fakhrabad Kishkoyeh in Rafsanjan. This cultivar is not unlike almonds due to its elongation and for this reason it is in the group of almond pistachios. We consider it a luxury nuts because it is.

2- Head of a ram

Koleghoochi pistachio this cultivar is also one of the commercial cultivars of pistachio in Iran. One of the reasons for the popularity of Koleghoochi pistachio is its large size. This type has less elongation than Akbari and Ahmad Aghaei pistachios and is almost round. We knowed Sharifi and selected it in Dehno village of Rafsanjan. Now we called it Haji Sherifi Pistachio for this reason. We grow it and expand it in Kerman province, which is the main region and spread in other provinces of the country. The reason for the popularity of Koleghoochi pistachio in the world market is its large kernel.

Types of  Pistachios

3- Ahmad Aghaei

Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei is one of the famous pistachio cultivars that has a special popularity in the global and domestic market. Proper elongation, high smile percentage and very tasty brain are the reasons for the popularity of this cultivar. This species was first identified by a person named Ahmad Agha Forootan in Ahmadiyya Nogh and was selected for planting. It is located in Nogh area of ​​Rafsanjan and Sirjan city. At present, this cultivar is expanding significantly despite its not so long history. We classify this type of fruit as similar in appearance to the Koleghoochi variety, as it has an almond shape. Another characteristic of Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is its good elongation, which is very suitable for preparing pistachio slices. This cultivar is also in the almond group.

4- Hazelnut Pistachio (Ouhadi)

Hazelnut Pistachio (Ouhadi) This type of pistachio is also a member of the Koleghoochi pistachio family, and is one of the most common cultivars in the field of trade. We consider pistachio nuts, also the most widely used type of pistachio in Iran and called Mehdi Ouhadi. Hazelnut is a very famous and adaptable species for most areas under pistachio cultivation, which has expanded significantly over the past 50 years. This figure is about 70-60% of Rafsanjan pistachio cultivation area. We know this type of hazelnut as the hazelnut pistachio, because this variety has nut-shaped and spherical fruits.

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