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The Secret behind Identifying the Iranian Pistachio Quality and Naming It

How are Iranian pistachios named and valued?

Pistachio is a popular and delicious nut that has a very high nutritional value. This is why it has a special and high popularity among nuts. This product is high-yielding and profitable in most parts of Iran, which has a suitable climate for cultivation also, the Iranian Pistachio Quality is special in the world.

Iranian pistachios have different names and price values. In this article, we explained how to name and value them.

Naming the types of pistachios:

The most famous types of pistachios that are named based on shape:

Whose length to width ratio is greater than 1.5 are called almonds

Figures whose length to width ratio is less than 1.5 are called hazelnuts

We generally take from the following:

Naming pistachios based on the name of the region where the cultivar was first identified, such as Zarand almond, Feyzabad white almond and Nogh pistachio white

Based on the color of pistachios, such as red pistachios Faizabad and black leaves

Based on its resemblance to human and animal body parts such as ram’s head, goat’s head and thumb

Taken from the names of people who have identified or corrected that number, such as Pistachio Ouhadi (Mehdi Ouhadi), Pistachio Akbari (Ali Akbari) Ahmad Aghaei, and Pistachio Joli cultivar, named after the head of the Chico Research Station in California.

Based on similarity to objects such as dagger pistachios.

The most famous types of Iranian pistachios are:

Kallah Ghowchi



Badami Zarand

White Pistachio Nogh

Ahmad Aghaei


Khanjari Damghan

Shapesand Damghan

Pistachi Qazvini

 How to calculate the pistachios ‘anis?

The pistachio nuts, expressed numerically, show the number of 5 packs in 142 grams of pistachios. For this purpose weigh 142 grams of pistachios and count them and divide them by 5. The resulting number shows pistachios. The pistachios’ anise indicates less coarseness of the pistachio seeds and therefore more expensive.

Anise Between 20 and 22: Very Coarse – Includes Akbari and ram

Between 22-24: Coarse – Includes Akbari and ram

Anise Between 24-26: Medium – Includes all kinds of Ahmad Aghaei

Between 26-28: Thin – Includes all kinds of hazelnuts and hazelnuts

Anise higher than 28: Very fine – includes all kinds of hazelnuts and hazelnuts

Tokba’s  suggestion for choosing pistachios and the best of Iranian Pistachio Quality:


1-Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei:

is larger than hornbeam and has a great taste and the taste is the most delicious type of pistachio, and this kind of pistachio is the most pistachio type because of its good quality and is the most consumable type of pistachio nuts.

2-Akbari pistachio:

Is one of the luxury pistachios in Iran and the world. Akbari pistachio has a long and beautiful appearance and can give a beautiful effect to your nuts along with Koleghoochi pistachio because Akbari and Koleghoochi pistachio is one of the largest and most beautiful pistachio cultivars. Akbari pistachio is very tasty and has a lot of exports every year. Most countries in the Persian Gulf are looking for such a beautiful and delicious pistachio. There are important factors in nuts such as coarseness, beauty, taste and most importantly the quality and freshness of nuts, which Akbari pistachio has all these items. Most people order Akbari pistachios for their nuts.

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