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Exporting green beans from Iran and the most importing country … their benefits and harms

TOKPA – Exporting green beans from Iran and the most importing country … their benefits and harms

Tokpa – Exporting green beans from Iran … The benefits and harms of green beans and which are the largest producing and exporting countries.

Green beans are a meal rich in vitamins and minerals, so what are the benefits of green beans? What is its nutritional value? Follow the article to find out the answers.

There is no secret to one of the wonderful and many benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are beneficial to your health, and in the next we will learn more about the benefits of green beans and everything related to them.

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The benefits of green beans

Green beans have many important benefits, which include the following:

Helps fight cancer

Green beans contain a high percentage of chlorophyll, which may make them inhibit the effect of some carcinogens, such as those formed in meat that is grilled at high temperatures.

So, if you prefer grilled meat that has been slightly burnt, eat some green beans on the side to reflect the effect of carcinogens present in the burning edges of the meat.

It increases fertility and strengthens pregnancy

Women of childbearing age need to consume more iron-rich foods, such as: spinach, grains and legumes, squash, and green beans. This helps improve fertility.

Consumption of sources of vitamin C, along with iron sources, helps to enhance the absorption of iron in the body, and sources of vitamin C include: bell peppers, berries and tomatoes.

Green beans are also a good source of folate, which is especially needed by the mother and her fetus during pregnancy.

So one of the most important benefits of green beans is to increase fertility and protect pregnancy and the fetus.

It helps treat depression

Usually, getting an adequate intake of folic acid helps fight depression, as regular folic acid consumption prevents the build-up of homocysteine ​​in the body.

The accumulation of homocysteine ​​may impede the flow of blood and essential nutrients to the brain, and it may also hinder the production of the happiness hormones in the body, which help regulate sleep, mood and appetite.

It strengthens the bones

Not getting enough vitamin K may contribute to an increased chance of bone fractures, so it is necessary to consume adequate amounts of it for the following:

It improves bone structure and strengthens it.

Improve calcium absorption in the body.

It reduces the amount of calcium that is excreted from the body through urine.

Therefore, eating green beans is good, as it provides the body with good levels of vitamin K.

Promotes heart health

Among the benefits of green beans are that they promote heart health, and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, for several reasons, including:

It contains good proportions of soluble fiber, which contributes to lowering the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood.

Green beans never contain cholesterol.

They contain low levels of sodium, and the lack of sodium positively affects heart health.

Caveats and risks

The benefits of green beans do not mean that there are no harms and warnings from them, as eating large amounts of them may harm some people.

The most prominent harm of green beans when eating large amounts of them are as follows:

Cause blood clotting, as green beans are a good source of vitamin K, which plays an important role in increasing blood clotting, so it should be wary of it, especially for people who take blood-thinning medications.

If eaten raw, it causes digestive distress and some digestive problems, so it is always preferable to eat cooked from it.

It may limit the absorption of some types of minerals and vitamins, because they contain a type of acid that causes this harm, so it is preferable not to eat too much beans.

Green beans in Iran

Due to the favorable climatic conditions for the production of green beans in Iran, the average production of green beans is one of the few products that have a high yield compared to other products in the world.

There are about 100,000 hectares of green bean cultivation land in Iran, and more than 180,000 tons per year are harvested in spring and early summer and sold fresh in the consumer market.

Green beans are grown every year in the provinces of Azerbaijan, Markazi, Lorestan, Zanjan and Fars.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), China is the largest producer of green beans in the world with 18 million 692 thousand tons annually.

Indonesia and India rank second and third in the world, with 930,000 tons and 661,000 tons, respectively.

Iran also ranks 16th among the largest producers of green beans, with an output of more than 61,000 tons. It is among the countries of the Middle East, after Turkey and Egypt.

The most importing countries of Iranian green beans are Arab countries, led by Iraq and Qatar.

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