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An overview of Iran’s exports and analysis of export markets and products

Steps of Exporting goods from Iran

Steps of Exporting goods from Iran: In order to start marketing and exporting activities, it is recommended to upgrade your knowledge in this field in the first step. For this purpose, it is recommended to read books related to marketing, customs and clearance of goods, laws and regulations of export and import of goods, and the principles and legal framework of international trade agreements.

Carrying out the process of exporting and selling goods in foreign markets has certain subtleties and sensitivities, which if not paid attention to, may waste human and financial investments in this regard. Export, like any other business, requires foresight, planning, familiarity with scientific methods, the necessary mobility, and gaining the trust of foreign buyers.

The Steps of Exporting goods from Iran:

Part 1: What is the export of goods and what points should we observe to start the export process?

Part 2: How to find the right customer and do market research?

Section 3: What is the process and stages of export in customs and other authorities inside and outside the country? What is the export tariff?

Section 4: Regarding the packaging of export goods, transportation and insurance, what points should be considered in export steps?

Section 5: Do you have any arrangements in the field of export goods for

The issues of receiving money and necessary guarantees?

Section 6: Export formalities in Iran and its implementation steps


In 2017, Iran’s most profitable export goods included nuts, honey, dates, minerals, decorative stones, chemical products and handicrafts.

However, in our opinion, these goods are only the best goods for export in terms of customs, and we have to pay attention to other perspectives so that we can choose more useful and profitable goods, and we certainly cannot declare a certain good as the best export good. This issue requires many characteristics such as the ability of that product in the export market and…

In the discussion of the best export goods, we can mention the export of agricultural products, such as nuts (export of dates – export of pistachios – export of saffron) and fruits (export of apples – export of pomegranate – export of oranges – export of kiwi – export of lemon), these products Due to their high export potential, they can be included in the list of the best export goods of our country.

Another part of the export goods that are exported a lot from our country can be called “food”. Given that neighboring countries are Islamic countries and have underdeveloped markets, it can be said that these countries have good potential for food exports.


If we want to examine a commodity in terms of export capacity; we need to understand what the volume of products consumed in the world is and what is the financial transaction in the world? Volumes that can be examined in this field; they can be checked through codes such as customs codes or hscod.

There are those who think that goods such as pistachios, caviar, saffron and the like are very profitable. But we do not believe that. We know that those who want to enter the export must have a different attitude. Because the goods mentioned above have certain world prices, that is, their base price is set, and all countries know the world prices, so you cannot make much profit on such goods.

For example, if the price of a kilogram of pistachios is 100,000 Tomans, the whole world knows about its price, and you cannot sell it for one hundred and twenty thousand Tomans at once, but you can sell it with a small difference of up to one hundred and five thousand Tomans. So we conclude that we can make a good profit by choosing good export goods that do not have a fixed price in the world markets.

These types of lucrative goods include goods whose process is accompanied by emotional buying. For example, if you consider products such as pottery and handicrafts, you will find that only the design and role are important because the price of the dishes is not raised. Now, the design and role of those dishes may be new and attract the customer’s attention. So it buys at a higher price and you make a lot of money. These types of goods are usually offered in Iran at a low price. But in the world markets, the trader makes a very good profit and they are sold at higher prices. You may be able to sell 10 times as much as in Iran and make a very good profit and the customer is satisfied with his purchase.

customers who buy from you only once

The next thing to consider in the profitability of an export product is the customers who buy from you only once. For example: products such as food items that are bought often, customers of these products have a lot of information about the basic and common prices in global markets and may not buy from you a second or third time. Because you first sold the item at a high price; But when the customer knows the real price, he will not buy from you anymore.

But in areas such as devices, machinery, and equipment where this product is purchased only once, the situation is different.

Consider, for example, a bread machine. Because the customer buys it only once, he does not know the base price and its custom in the market and seeks a reasonable condition to be consistent with himself. Because there are no two devices with the same conditions and all are different. For example, in the type of construction, installation location and service provision are different. As a result, another lucrative business is for the customer to buy your goods only once.

These are the things that will help you sell your product at a higher price and make more profit.

Read This Article Points To Start The Export Process


How much has Iran exported to different countries? What are these countries? What is the import market of these countries?

Given that the countries of the region are underdeveloped, they can have very good potentials for exports from Iran. Countries such as: Eurasia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and…



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