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Wonders of Watermelon and it Benefits for Body

Tokba – Wonders of Watermelon… Watermelon is a delicious and juicy fruit that is recommended for most people. Watermelon skin contains less water and sugar and more fiber than its fruit. Therefore, it is heavier and has less taste. The white part of this fruit has a lot of “citrulline”, an amino acid that improves blood circulation by dilating the arteries.

Properties of watermelon skin:

Perhaps 99% of people who buy watermelon fruit, after eating the inside of the fruit, leave the skin as a waste, while the skin of the fruit can cure many diseases and problems.

Watermelon skin to increase male sexual potency:
Some research shows that men with mild erectile dysfunction can use watermelon peel to solve their sexual problem. Citrulline amino acid in watermelon skin is a substance that is necessary for these people. It is better to puree the watermelon skin and mix it with lemon juice.

Watermelon peel removes urea:

Recent studies also show that watermelon skin is able to absorb nitrogen from the blood and convert it into urine due to the presence of citrulline, which plays an important role in the body’s urea cycle.

Watermelon peel for wound healing:

Watermelon peel contains a substance called arginine, which increases the amount of oxidation of nitrogen. Therefore, it relaxes blood vessels and helps treat angina and cardiovascular diseases.

The compounds in watermelon peel improve muscle growth and are effective in healing wounds. Fights fatigue and stimulates the immune system.

Improve athletic performance with watermelon skin:

People who want to increase their abilities and physical strength in their sport should consume watermelon skin. This method has been used among athletes in the western United States for many years.

Reduce blood pressure with watermelon skin:

Researchers have proven that the use of supplements such as watermelon peel has been shown to be an effective home and herbal remedy for adults with high blood pressure.

Strengthen the stomach with watermelon skin:

Consumption of watermelon peel with sugar and honey and even its jam is recommended to strengthen and treat stomach weakness.

Watermelon peel Natural treatment and prevention of prostate:

Watermelon is a rich source of lycopene, which protects the body against prostate cancer as a barrier.

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