Tokba- Anti thirsty vegetables and fruits during Ramadan

Tokba- Anti thirsty Foods during Ramadan, Vegetables or Fruits

Tokba- Anti thirsty Foods during Ramadan, Vegetables or Fruits

Tokba- Anti thirsty Foods during Ramadan: Fasting in the hot months of the year can be a little difficult because if you do daily activities, the body loses a lot of energy and water and causes thirst.

By consuming fruits, vegetables and other foods properly, we can maintain the water our body needs during the days of Ramadan and reduce the feeling of thirst. Many fruits and vegetables are the best option for daily consumption during Ramadan due to the high amounts of water in them and are known as anti-thirsty vegetables and fruits. That is why many experts recommend that you include these fruits and vegetables in your diet during fasting so that you do not get thirsty and your body gets the water it needs in this way.

Thirst or a feeling of thirst can cause problems such as constant dry mouth, feeling hungry, headache, dizziness, muscle cramps, feeling tired, high blood sugar and more serious diseases such as kidney failure. Therefore, it is recommended to pay more attention to this issue during the fasting period so that we do not get more serious problems over time.

The Most Fruits and vegetables suitable for Ramadan

Fruits and vegetables suitable for Ramadan


Watermelon is a summer fruit that about 92% of its texture is water, so it is the best choice for Ramadan. By consuming watermelon these days, provide moisture to your body so that you do not suffer from thirst and thirst. The water in watermelon can cause the growth and repair of body cells and help the health of bones, skin and eyes.

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Celery is one of the lowest calorie vegetables available, about 95% of which is water. This useful vegetable with long, elongated stems is rich in vitamins A and K and can help the immune system and blood health. The water in celery helps maintain body moisture, and due to the high amount of fiber in its tissue, you can get rid of the feeling of hunger.


Cucumber can be easily eaten alone or in combination with a variety of salads. 95% of this fragrant fruit or vegetable is water, which can guarantee your body water during the days of Ramadan. Control your blood pressure by consuming cucumber daily and help improve gastrointestinal function. Vitamin K in cucumber also prevents the growth of cancer cells.


There is nothing more enjoyable than biting and eating a sweet and fresh strawberry. About 91% of this attractive fruit is water and it can definitely be considered as a category of vegetables and anti-thirst fruits. Vitamin C and fiber in strawberries can protect the health of the body’s cells and be useful for the digestive process. Strawberries are the best choice for regulating blood sugar levels and boosting immune system function.


How to believe that 95% of radishes are water. This small and attractive vegetable is a very useful water source for Ramadan. Radish is a diuretic and can help the body eliminate toxins, and its anti-cancer properties are among its unique properties. By consuming radishes, you can help regulate metabolism, cleanse the stomach, and strengthen the eyes.


Cantaloupe is a fruit full of water and low in calories, which contains many minerals and nutrients. About 90% of this summer fruit is water, which can be an ideal source to compensate for dehydration. Eat cantaloupe to help your weight loss process and ensure the health of your eyes. Cantaloupe consumption increases the level of immunity in the body and prevents diseases such as cancer. Regulating blood pressure, controlling diabetes, improving gastrointestinal function and detoxifying the body are other unique properties of cantaloupe.


If you want a fruit full of water and low in calories, we recommend peaches. About 90 of these fruits are water, which can be the best option for fasting days. Peaches are high in fiber and can help with gastrointestinal health and prevent gastrointestinal diseases. By eating peaches, you can prevent cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and high blood pressure and strengthen your immune system. Bone health, reduced inflammation and oral health are other unique properties of peaches.

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